Ardom Towergen: Offering Professionally-Managed Operation & Maintenance Services for Network Elements

Pankaj Sharma (Director & CBDO), Ajit Shankar (Director & CEO),Ravdeep Singh (Director & COO)Despite having massive growth opportunity, Indian telecom market is undergoing consolidation, where operators are either integrating with bigger players or completely shutting-down the operations. Tower companies that have lost thousands of co-locations per tower leading to drop in revenues too are experiencing the negative impact of consolidation. This changed scenario demands for telecom infrastructure providers who not just render end-to-end services at optimized cost, but also manage the whole operation & maintenance professionally and smartly. This is what Ardom Towergen exactly does.

Throwing light on the industry, Ajit Shankar, Managing Director & CEO, Ardom Towergen, says, "Presently, telecom is passing through a rough phase financially, where the balance sheet of all organizations are severely stressed. Being the first professionally managed firm in India, we have launched service products that help them to ease-out the issues. In last two-three years, we have moved to fixed cost in the energy management, where we utilize maximum renewable energy in order to reduce the OPEX of our customers". Ardom has become the first Indian O&M company associated with leading tower companies on a fixed energy cost reimbursement model.
High on Offerings but Low on Pockets
Ardom's range of services encompass preventive & break-down maintenance of passive equipment, energy management, field level maintenance of active equipment & sundry site upgradation works, radiation measurement, RF survey, and optimization. Established by a group of telecom tower professionals, this Gurgaon-based firm has the competence to deliver reliable operation & maintenance (O&M) services and align with changing requirements of telecom sector with the aid of its end-to-end services. Ardom's diversified geographical presence and customer base help the company to understand the pain points and exact requirements of the customers.

The venture offers various add-on infrastructure support services like interaction with landlord, installation of equipment, upgradation or removal of equipment (due to consolidation) at optimal cost, thereby preventing customers from deploying separate manpower for additional works. Over the years, Ardom has been scrutinizing several models of solarization of tower to minimize the energy cost. Thanks to its world-class network operating centres that easily track the amount of solar power generated at particular site, life span of battery & other equipment and help in timely replacement & enhancement of battery and equipment.

Established by a group of telecom tower professionals, Ardom has the competence to deliver reliable operation & maintenance services at fixed price

Alongside, Ardom has introduced an Android app which not only displays information about diesel generator (placed at the site) like ratio of diesel filled and tank balance, but the integrated software also reverts back in case of any issue in the reading which needs correction. A site member can easily send the information from the app only from 100 metres radius of the site, eliminating the chances of transmitting wrong inputs regarding diesel. With the aid of the app, Ardom has made few sites diesel-free where the electricity supply has been proved. "We as a service provider typically are becoming our client's eyes & ears in the ground," avers Ajit.

Ajit thanks his team for such tremendous work and emphasizes much on their safety, hence organizes safety training & courses for new & existing associates, and even provides international standard safety dresses. Ardom also has a dedicated app where they can upload the pictures of their equipment to be scrutinized at tool box meetings. Having acquired three companies as of now to serve clients better, Ardom is looking forward to expand its footprint to Nepal, Bangladesh and Philippines.