Arc Bio Fuel: The Green Project

Abhinav Singla, Co-founder & CMO,Sahil Singla, Director

Abhinav Singla

Co-founder & CMO

The ever increasing use of chemical fertilizers has greatly deteriorated the soil quality of our soil. The yields are decreasing day by day even with the extra dose of chemicals. Following the nature's call farmers are now more inclined towards the use of organic fertilizers than ever before. The country is moving towards a holistic nature of development and numerous entrepreneurial minds are providing it with apt solutions and products. Arc Bio Fuel ­ The Green Project, based in Punjab has been an active player in the organic fertilizer industry since 2014.

"Our company has developed a special natural process to convert cow dung, urine & other organic waste into beneficial natural manure which is known by the name of ARC BIO KHAAD. This is done by following a practical approach rather than producing costly bio-fertilizers in labs. This is the main reason that we have been successful in our journey and are standing out of the crowd" says Abhinav Singla, Co-founder & CMO, of Arc Bio Fuel.

The Story of Excellence ­ F2F Model
Other fertilizers focus on directly adding nutrients to the soil. On the other hand, Arc Bio Khaad increases the organic carbon & microbial growth in soil. These microbes automatically increase the nutrients in the soil by biological processes.
Thus, improving the overall soil quality and making the soil fertile for increased yields. "We are encouraging farmers to start using Arc Bio Khaad alongside with chemical fertilizers. In this way, they are observing the better results of manure with their own eyes. Thus, it motivates them to reduce chemical fertilizers and use more of Arc Bio Khaad" says Sahil Singla, Director of Arc Bio Fuel. Arc Bio Khaad is being supplied to farmers in Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan since the last few years.

For expanding the net-work, Arc Bio Fuel has joined hands with several transportation companies to develop a Factory-to-Farm Direct Delivery model for farmers all over the country. Arc Bio Khaad comes in different forms according to the usability of the farmer. Arc Bio Special Dry Khaad comes in powdered form and can be directly sprinkled on the soil after crop sowing. Arc Bio Special Liquid Khaad has been formulated for use in Drip Irrigation System. It can be also directly sprayed on the crop as a growth booster and as an excellent pest repellent.

ARC BIO KHAAD increases the Organic Carbon & Microbial Growth in soil. These microbes automatically increase the nutrients in the soil by biological processes

The company is not just limited to farming innovations. Arc Bio Fuel is also one of the most successful commercial Bio CNG projects in India. The company produces Bio CNG which is a green renewable fuel and helps in reducing carbon emissions.

Primary Focus & Future Plans
The company's main focus is on practical R&D to innovate and to add more value to the products. "We are continuously making our products better & easier to use. There is a lot of hit & trial involved in the innovation process which is why every innovation at a huge price and by the investment a lot of time" says Sahil.

Speaking about the future plans of the company, Abhinav concludes, "With our strong digital presence on social media, we are all set to reach to millions of farmers all over the Country. The farmers can contact us directly at our helpline number easily available on our website, social media sites, and place their direct order with our company. We encourage small farmers to form groups to place a large order and we shall deliver Arc Bio Khaad direct at their doorsteps."