Antal International: Integrating Legacy with Extensive International Network to Carry Out Talent Search

Joseph Devasia,Managing Director

Joseph Devasia

Managing Director

Sourcing the right talent at the right time can prove arduous for any company. This becomes even more daunting when the company is looking for talent within a niche skill in a highly competitive job market. In such situations, there is a need for niche recruitment experts who with their extensive experience, in-depth recruitment methodologies and processes address these hiring challenges - Antal International is one such executive search firm. The largest recruitment company in China & Russia, Antal has been around for 25 years with 140+ offices in nearly 30+ countries (Europe, Asia, Middle-East & Africa)and with almost 1000+ recruiters. Antal’s proven recruitment methodology & an extensive international network to carry out cross-border talent search has helped the brand create a niche for itself in the global recruitment market. Antal’s Indian network backed by 43 offices in 14 cities (aiming to make it 100 offices by 2020-22) has helped a number of companies hire the best talent in the last 12 years.

Recruiting Within a Niche
Each recruitment expert within
Antal focuses on a specific skill-set & aligns to a sector in which they possess knowledge and professional expertise. Antal calls it ‘Matrix Portfolio Management System’, through which it gets a unique overview of the market & the talent located within it. “If you draw verticals and horizontals, the verticals would represent various industries (FMCG, consumer electronics, real estate, BFSI, IT, & many more)& the horizontal would represent all of the departments (sales, finance, marketing, supply chain, legal, HR, & more). When you cross these & you come to the bisection we call it ultra-Specialization,” says Joseph Devasia, Managing Director, Antal International India. This methodology has bestowed Antal and it’s Founder & CEO – Mr. Tony Goodwin with several awards that include ‘Entrepreneur of the Year, and ‘International Recruitment Company of the Year APSCo Awards for Excellence’ to name a few.

"Ensuring that companies hire the best talent, Antal follows quite a rigorous process when it comes to understanding a company’s hiring requirement"

Antal specializes in hiring mid & senior level professionals - who create an effective communication link between top management & subordinates and take the organization to the next level. Ensuring that clients hire the best of talent, Antal follows quite a rigorous process when it comes to understanding the client’s requirement. For instance, its ’30-step recruitment process’ covers all the parameters(from the client requisition to candidate
on-boarding) of the recruitment cycle. To assist job seekers find the perfect career opportunity Antal's online database offers support to candidates find the most suitable career opportunity with companies that they would like to work with.

Giving Helping Hand to Newcomers
Antal offers a very unique business proposition(franchise model)to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to utilize their professional background and work experience to embark upon and entrepreneurial venture of their own. Antal does this by helping them set up their own recruitment business. Antal provides its franchise partners six months of tailored recruitment training through its intense 180-programme wherein it delivers induction, mastery & management modules.

In order to bringbest practices from a global recruitment perspective to local businesses, the company has created its own learning management system that can be utilized by its recruiters anytime & anywhere to learn various aspects of the recruitment process. The Antal certification program - 1st of its kind; is an innovative initiative for all those who join the recruitment industry and are looking to grow as Big Billers and Team Leaders. Antal’s CSR wing, Antal Charitable Foundation has helped raise money for the education of uderprivileged girls in Africa