Aniruddha Telemetry Systems: Single-Stop Solution Provider Delivering Utmost Accuracy

  Amit Ashok,    Director

Amit Ashok


The consequences of non transparency in business processes and product counterfeiting can be nerve racking ranging from disturbed revenues and tarnished reputations or more menaces to business health. Counterfeiting has more to it including theft forgery, and illicit trade of information, legal documents, and more. It is critical for enterprises to manage and monitor their products and assets in realtime to authenticate their ownership. Telemetry networks play an important role in facilitating this security and accessibility along with realtime monitoring and data transmission over wide geographical distances. That being said, telemetry solutions are more readily accepted to counter several issues and attain complete traceability. In the flourishing and indemand segment, Aniruddha Telemetry Systems Pvt. Ltd. (ATS) is a game changer for brand owners and manufacturers to authenticate their products and processes with minimal disruption.

Speaking of market challenges, the founder Amit Ashok says, "Realizing the major concern caused by data threats, anticounterfeiting has become a hot and needy topic. Although it is a nascent segment it has emerged as an enabler for implementation, transparent execution sustenance, and keeping safe from vulnerabilities. The budding industry lacks reliable solutions. While being a highly data driven domain(boosted by artificial intelligence), the way the data is forged or represented is different every time and it is extremely difficult to understand how the data is being forged by the AI logic”.

One-of-a-kind Solution Provider
Founded in 2010, Aniruddha Telemetry Systems was an early bird to enter the burgeoning IoT domain. The company began its journey with different data types including geospatial data, sales data, images, and more. Today, the company is involved in providing highend solutions to heavy industries, mining, liquor sales and defence canteens based on the Internet of Things (IoT) to ensure data consistency and identification of counterfeit or false data.

The company is into the design, development, and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions. It provides a turnkey solution to customers and ensures that they have minimum change management challenges. Aniruddha Telemetry Systems is involved in providing highend solutions to heavy industries, logistics and manufacturing companies based on the Internet of Things (IoT). It has been providing a solution for integrated coal management, contactless transport management, ore tracking & mines management, tracking and tracing, logistics management and delivery tracking, remote power monitoring, and more.

"The solution for Thermal power plants helps the management in having a bird's eye view with the ability to drill down to data from a single screen. ATS delivers a single index "price per CV" which helps all the stakeholders in understanding multiple parameters. All kinds of leakages can be tracked back with this one parameter. The solution helped one of the customers to reduce the price per CV from Rs.1.24 to Rs.0.84 (67.75 percent) in a span of 1 year which transforms into crores of rupees saved and a huge push to the bottom line in financial terms”. He further continues.

"In the heavy industry, we work with the customers to ensure that the raw material is from the right source and is of the right quality and quantity. Any kind of adulteration or wrong reporting from suppliers or internal
customers is a big problem. So our solutions help customers to have a single platform and provide accurate and authentic solutions with less human intervention and more machine-to-machine communication. In regards to the mining industry, production misreporting is the major issue. We have got solutions that help people understand the real production data and decide on corrective action; most importantly, at the right time. In the defence canteen system, we have the complete flow of data that could reduce instances of counterfeiting and misrepresentation of data”.

We deliver the right product in the first attempt and further streamline the solution if any hidden obstacle is found

The track and trace systems offered by Aniruddha Telemetry Systems help the clients in optimum utilization of the resources and timely delivery of their products. The application is supported by a GNSS based tracking system and is used to send advance notifications to the customer as soon the material is dispatched and informs them about the progress of the delivery. Offering protection against unforeseen circumstances, the system raises alerts to the concerned teams so that the damages can be controlled. The system can be used for RealTime tracking with 100 percent accuracy.

Client is the King
The dextrous team of ATS ensures to spend a good amount of time understanding an organization and blending the technology with its culture to create a solution that offers value for the customer with feasibility. "We understand the expected outcome which the customer wants to achieve. Based on the workshops and customer requirements we come up with a solution that is a mix of our existing solutions and required innovations. We build a story and the time train which is presented back to the customer's stakeholders and build a solution which can effectively meet the requirements of the customer and does not have internal issues”, the company claims.

The Distinct Features
ATS has been ensuring to have end-to-end arrangements directly with the customers to ensure seamless and smooth processes. The data is collected from safe and secure inhouse hardware and software systems; making it a more reliable partner in the market. ATS has been able to modify its tools and technologies as per needs making its information source authentic when compared with others in the industry. "If you don't have a proper data source on which your solutions are being built, the probability of the solution being right becomes very low. As mentioned, having our own data sources gives us a competitive edge”, he remarks.

Aniruddha Telemetry Systems is an ISO 9001 certified organization and has been rated by CRISIL as above average in terms of financial stability. Rigorous involvement in technology and R& D sets the company apart and ahead in the industry. "Around 15 percent of our earnings each year in the area of research and development. The organization has been growing manifold year on year both in terms of size as well as customer base”, Amit informs.

Envisioning a Self-reliant India
"The Indian tech infrastructure has been under the shadows of foreign products. We have long remained as buyers. At times, we endeavour to produce clones, while the sector demands quality and reliable solutions. With that said, there are a handful of companies who have been trying hard to create a niche for themselves in the industry and proudly vouch for Atmanirbhar Bharat by manufacturing & developing all our products in India. We are proudly one among them; leaping the extra mile to make sure that they attain sustained success in the industry while providing the best to our customers," the director mentions.

The Roadmap
ATS has a clear vision to establish itself as a turnkey solution provider to all its customers in the field of IoT. As a customer-centric organization, the company has been striving to create safe and efficient systems for its customers. ATS plans to have a deeper dive into the mining domain and incorporating robotic arms for power plants. The company also plans to extend the ICMS solution further to add coal yard management with coal blending into our offering.

"Our mission is to be recognized as the go-to supplier who can provide a one-stop, accurate, and timely solution that seamlessly achieves the customer goals. Our software and hardware solution are currently delivered to Indian customers. Our next level of growth is to tap into the international markets by partnering with global organizations. We also want to invest more in enhancing and enriching our technology and solutions” he concludes.