Ameya360: Bringing Alive Clients' Visualization with Three-Dimensional Architectural Services

Vinod Krishna,Co-Founder

Vinod Krishna


With technologies emanating in leaps and bounds everyday to fit into the rising number of industries, innovation is indeed important for enterprises to stay ahead of their competitors. Since the niche 3D rendering industry is always dynamic, progressive and complicated, new methods like the application of space management and technologies such as 360 degree VR are on the table too often. Adopting them without any delay, Ameya360 has proved itself unbeatable amongst the current 3D rendering service providers in India, with mastery in Visualization aspects & architecture as its prime base.

This Hyderabad-based company’s artistic work at Hyatt (Europe) and Hotel Puro (Poland) speaks about its state-of-the-art simulation techniques with a creative play of form, light, materials and natural elements and world-class design process. The photorealistic architectural 3D rendering services, visualization and imaging demands an infinite amount of creative control and flair to make clients'
visualization into realty - a trait Ameya360 has in abundance. Co-spearheaded by an architect who has mastered the art of visualization, the company takes pride in its team built of artists with stable knowledge in architectural, visual perception, space management and digital imaging skills, which facilitates Ameya360 to deliver astonishing products within the time frame.

Once the client's requirements are studied with verbal interactions, we explain their visualization’s feasibility before presenting the model of final design

Delivering Astonishing Products Rapidly
To reduce the time spent on reworking designs and drawings, effectively reducing cost and increasing safety, it adopts latest advancements of 360 degree VR that helps to create a more immersive experience. Regardless of the complexity of 3D rendering market, Ameya360 embraces the technology to meet clients’ expectation and showcase PoC with a memorable presentation to help them visualize the future design; thereby winning the trust and confidence of clients. Rather than confusing clients with technical jargons, the team showcases their huge bank of portfolio to help them choose the elements according to their taste and close to their
visualization. “Once the clients’ requirements are studied with verbal interactions, we explain their visualization’s feasibility before presenting the model of final design. In case of disapproval from client, the team replaces the subtle elements by its idealistic approach,” explains Vinod Krishna, Co-Founder, Ameya360.

Based on clients’ personalized requirements, the renderer architect perfects the image using 360 degree panoramic rendering and animations that can be viewed on desktop/laptop with mouse navigation, Smartphone/tablet using touch gestures or with VR glasses. It allows the designers to test the environment before actually implementing the designs. As the rendering depends on extremely advanced calculations, Ameya360 updates the team with training on latest technologies inculcating out-of-the-box thinking in them. The new recruits work on the same project for the first three months to scale their skills on a solid foundation. Amidst the many 3D rendering companies over populating the industry, Ameya360 surprises the crowd with its work samples on Facebook holding huge source for aspiring professionals and to attract work from various clients worldwide. Ascending rapidly with a nominal revenue growth in its first year and a whopping 300 percent last year, the company aims to establish its brand and is hungry to touch newer heights.