AMC India: Delicious, Healthier & Faster Cooking with the AMC Premium Cooking System

Suresh Venugopal,CEOIrrespective of age and profession, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has always been a major challenge for us. With increasing cases of viral diseases, people are not only keen to discover new and effective methods of cooking to retain the maximum nutritional values of the food but also prefer using cookware which preserves more vitamins, minerals and nutrients along with time and energy. A renowned and celebrated brand, AMC (Alfa Metalcraft Corporation), the premium products are the embodiment of their philosophy: Eat better. Live better. This is AMC's recipe for success. Founded in 1963 and present in 30 countries across 6 continents with 15 million happy customers worldwide, AMC is dedicated to foster a culture of healthy and user-friendly cooking solutions. AMC has its state of art production facilities in Germany, Italy and India, along with an R&D institute in Switzerland. Launched in India in 1996, the unique patented technology of AMC India ensures the food is cooked at the right temperature and retains maximum nutrients.

Owing to its long-lasting, high-quality stainless-steel products such as pots, pans and accessories featuring an exceptional and modern design, AMC is a premium provider of world-class cooking systems along with unique cooking methods to preserve healthy nutrition and delicious recipes. "Our fast cooking lid AMC Secuquick is one of its kind products with 3 safety valves reducing cooking time by up to 80 percent and saving energy up to 50 percent. Our latest launch in India, Navigenio is a unique mobile hotplate
which enables self-controlled cooking by establishing a radio connection with Audiotherm (accessory) that alerts the user whenever the temperature has to be adjusted or the food is ready to enjoy. The handy and elegant hotplate can also be used for upside-down cooking thus turning the AMC pot into the smallest oven enabling baking, grilling and gratinating. AMC sells its products completely through direct selling channel meaning direct home cooking experience at private households, as well local AMC offices, where the customers can touch/feel the product and enjoy a live cooking demo performed by expert consultants before purchasing the product," says Suresh Venugopal, CEO, AMC India.

Integrating technology with cookware resulting in healthier & tastier food, AMC's advanced patented technology differentiates it from other available brands. Only the AMC premium system can enable measuring and control of cooking temperature through Sensotherm (thermometer measuring the temperature inside the unit). Visiotherm (temperature indicator) and Audiotherm (An acoustic device which monitors temperature and time) together with air circulation system (interface between pot base and lid) allows to cook any food without added water or fat (oil) fat preserving maximum of vitamins and nutrients. "Our products are uniquely designed to make cooking easy & comfortable. Benefits like No sticking, drip-less lids, handles which do not get hot are well appreciated by our customers. AMC Cookware is also a multi-cooking system which provides the customer the flexibility to cook, bake & steam all in the same pot hence the customer can customize the pot as per the requirement of the kitchen," quotes Suresh Venugopal.

Owing to its long-lasting, high-quality stainless-steel products such as pots, pans and accessories featuring an exceptional and modern design, AMC is a premium provider of world-class cooking systems

Saying of `when the going gets tough, the tough gets going' holds true for AMC & its consultants. The organization went through the transition period since 2017 and is growing at 10 percent per year. "We intended to launch a more advanced version of AMC cookware which would integrate technology even more & would lead to simplicity of usage for customers. We are reworking the launch plans currently & are hopeful of having it sooner in the following year. We have our offices in all metros including Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad & Delhi and are also planning to expand our physical presence to major cities like Chandigarh, Mysore, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. The future towards digitalization is key and we are working towards reaching out to the customers through virtual means of by means of free personalised demonstration" concludes Suresh Venugopal.