Ambienz: Creating Landscapes beyond Aesthetics!

Likitha Nagesh,Founder & Director

Likitha Nagesh

Founder & Director

The past decade has been very favourable for the landscaping industry and the companies manoeuvring within the sector. The surge in interest of ornamenting and maintaining visible features of the land has gradually incited landscaping service providers come up with thought provoking ideas, enticing lucrative investments from in and around the world. Comprehending the prospective of the realm, a young aspiring entrepreneur decided to equip people with world-class design and service experience and help them build commercial and indoor spaces of their choice. In view of this, Likithalaid the foundation of Ambienzone of the top players in the landscaping industry that caters to the different needs and visions of its clients with the help of unique ideas and cutting edge designs.

As a landscaping company, Ambienz put forward a horde of services which are imperatively important for the fair maintenance of the outdoor and indoor areas. Its undertakings can be enumerated as Interior Scaping, Exterior Landscaping, Vertical Gardening, Containers, Irrigation, Hard-scape, and Maintenance & Services. It designs its services giving consideration to the overview of the landscape and the requirements and completely devotes itself in styling residences and corporate spaces. To stay abreast and ahead of the curve Ambienz avails the power of new-fangled technology
and inventive approaches in order to create environments that are aesthetically pleasing.

Since inception the company has been adding distinctive feathers to its cap. The out of the ordinary ideas and performances earned it a lucrative client-base which in due course created a notable position in the landscaping environment. It has led an interesting journey in which it has consummated several exclusive projects. Starting off with designing a tiny balcony Ambienz today holds the record of crowning a 10 acre resort property and 100ft tall indoor vertical garden. "We constantly strive to be a perfect ally that assist clients satiate their maintenance exigencies.

To understand their core need and their end in view, we opt to be with them through their journey of site visits, planning and reaching an agreement about the final maintenance. We excel in setting up office plants, atrium planting displays, courtyard garden, highest quality vertical gardens, we also help clients understand the importance of reducing the carbon footprint and at the same time help them get it under control. All and all we make a consultative approach to empower our clientele with the appropriately customized solution as per the need of each brand and space," narrates LikithaNagesh, Founder & Director, Ambienz.

Ambienz put forward a horde of services which are imperatively important for the fair maintenance of the outdoor and indoor areas

However, making a unique impression in the ecosystem is not a five fingers exercise. And in a society where women entrepreneurship is still not well perceived, it becomes quite difficult for a women entrepreneur to create a niche in the business world. LikithaNagesh has not only encountered but vanquished these challenges and successfully launched herself as a successful female entrepreneur, shaped up her objectives in the form of Ambienz. The second to none pro-visions, ideas and right initiatives served as the base for its victory.

The Road Ahead
Ambienz has created a legacy of its own which it aspires to take to a whole new level, expanding its presence across major cities of the country. It seems to be quite enthused about fascinating the industry with innovatory landscaping services, assure and endorse customers with the unique style and experience. The originator of the firm is positive about contemplating and adhering to the Made in India concept, utilizing Indian products, accessories and talents.