ALU MS: Leading Facade Fabricator On A Mission To Turn Ideas Into Reality

Madhuri Pagare & Subhrajit Guha,  DirectorFacade design and engineering have evolved immensely over the past few years in India. Facade design provides a unique identity to every construction. It not only enhances the aesthetics of a building but also adds functional characteristics like security, strength, and durability. Thus, Facade contractors are crucial in a construction project. They have the insights and capability to bring the right standards and quality to the table. Besides they ensure that every installation meets all the design requirements and brings developers’ concepts to life.

Helping various businesses with the supply and installation of aluminum facade systems is ALU MS from Mumbai, India. ALU MS is a leading contractor that offers engineering, manufacturing, and installation of architectural envelopes and interior systems for commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.Interestingly, the company owns a solid team of Facade specialists with unique background in Facade architecture and curtain wall engineering which addresses the current shortage of specialists and labor issues in this space. This group of engineers leverages the latest technologies to develop, plan and produce tangible results that also meet clients' design criteria.

ALU MS offers all kinds of services that meet every need of their clients. The company offers curtain wall systems, cladding systems, glass Facades, canopy and railing,
and aluminum windows and doors. Not only that, they ensure that the fabrication is fast and easy to install with perfect fit and safety guidance. "Designing is our strength. Our expertise helps us to provide our clients with foolproof designs regardless of their requirements," says Subhrajit Guha, Director of ALU MS.

Designing is our strength. Our expertise helps us to provide our clients with foolproof designs regardless of their requirements

One of the main factors that contributed to the success of the company is its uncompromising high-quality service. Whether it is fabrication or installation, ALU MS has a stringent quality team in place to investigate the checklist with every client to ensure the level of quality they guarantee. This team, both in the factory as well on-site, make sure the materials are assembled, fabricated, and installed according to the drawing specifications while meeting the safety guidelines. Moreover, every client is handled with utmost care and consideration at ALU MS. Once the tendering process is done, multiple meetings are held to understand their requirements and for effortless further procedures. Later, the client is presented with the actual drawing and structural calculation for approval. After this, they go for procurement of materials and an order will be placed with the suppliers and the fabrication and installation will be done accordingly. In some cases, the clients are even given a maintenance manual as well as a product warranty upon specific demands.

Subhrajit Guha, Director
What started off as a design outsourcing company, gradually matured to become a leading fabrication and installation consultant under the stewardship of Subhrajit Guha and his partner. Today, they serve clients from all across the country, especially from Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai, and also from the Middle East. Going forward, the company will strive for continuous growth and success while embracing integrity, ethical practices, respect, responsibility, and trust.