Altitud Digitals India: Empowering Location-Based Solutions with LiDAR Technology

  Raj Kuricheti,    CEOIn todays global landscape, location data plays a crucial role in addressing challenges related to resource planning, sustainable development, and infrastructure management. Location data enables informed decision-making by mapping and optimizing the distribution of resources, facilitates the implementation of sustainable practices by identifying environmentally sensitive areas, and aids in efficient infrastructure management by optimizing transportation networks and public services. Hyderabad-based Altitud provides engineering and location-based services, including consulting, software development, system integration, business intelligence, remote sensing, LiDAR and Web / Mobile geospatial information systems (GIS).

Altitud recognizes the importance of powerful three dimensional information for creating multifaceted solutions to complex problems. By harnessing location-based technology, Altitud enables effective planning, analytics, impact studies, and risk management across multiple sectors. The company empowers organizations to acquire, verify, and analyze spatial data, optimizing operations and providing a comprehensive understanding of their environments. Altitud’s diverse service portfolio includes network planning, design, mapping, operations support, and strategic planning.

Altitud’s services cater to various industries, including telecommunications, oil and gas, utilities, water and wastewater, mining, health, land management, natural resources, forest and agriculture, transportation and logistics, aviation, and government defense. For instance, in the utility sector, Altitud
leverages LiDAR for pole and network design, asset data capture and auditing, vegetation management, and outage management. LiDAR’s applications extend to precision agriculture, environmental analysis, forestry management, climate change studies, and risk management across various sectors. With a team of experienced GIS experts, Altitud offers smart and prompt solutions to resolve business bottlenecks for utility and telecom companies and provide streamlined services with reduced turnaround time. Furthermore, the mining industry benefits from the company’s precise volumetric calculations, drill hole data analysis, and mine reclamation planning.

By harnessing location-based technology, Altitud enables effective planning, analytics, impact studies, & risk management across multiple sectors

Offering flexible engagement models, Altitud caters to the unique needs of clients across the Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. The extended team model ensures a dedicated team that becomes an extension of the client’s core team over time, combining the advantages of a captive center and outsourced relationship. While the fixed price model is ideal for projects with stable requirements, clearly defining deliverables, costs, and timelines, the shared services model optimizes resource utilization by sharing teams across multiple clients, charging based on hourly usage.

With a custom delivery model, winning R&D, domain expertise, and industry partnerships, Altitud has been serving numerous clients across industries. The company collaborated with a client on a project involving the classification of LiDAR LAS data. The project covered 1550 tiles concerning orthoimages and included nine categories for classification. Leveraging technologies like TerraScan, TerraModeler, and MicroStation, Altitud implemented an inventory task to validate missing flight line data and orthoimages. The company developed routines to automatically classify ground, vegetation, and buildings with error checks and accurate point allocation. Altitud successfully classified hydrological features and vegetation based on height, overcoming challenges in differentiating objects in overlap areas. The client benefited from quick access to an accurate digital terrain model, enabling efficient infrastructure and town planning, and informed decision making based on precise LiDAR data classification.

By consistently offering valuable services that contribute to business growth, Altitud aims to become a global corporation that empowers clients to make informed decisions and achieve longterm success. The company is committed to delivering excellence through quality technology and continuous process improvement. With a focus on innovation, customizable services, and collaborative engagement models, Altitud will continue enabling organizations to leverage the power of locationbased solutions.