AllConnect Business Consultancy Services: Bestowing On-Demand Customized Business Consulting Services

Gokul Rengarajan,Founder & CEO

Gokul Rengarajan, Founder & CEO

As more and more businesses, both large and small, take advantage of outsourcing to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and maintain their competitive advantage, the need for on-demand services for business continues to rise. Small businesses/startups are particularly vulnerable to afford full-time expertise in various disciplines such as accounting, technology services, human resources, HR & Payroll, legal, and general consulting. As such, intending to render laser-focussed, cost-controlled modules, Erode-based AllConnect Business Consultancy Services Private Limited offers dedicated support departments on-demand enabling the businesses to focus on core features to achieve organizational goal and vision.

Enabling its clients to optimize their resources within budget, AllConnect offers on-demand services that facilitate users (especially small businesses/startups) to obtain services and resources whenever and wherever needed, as they typically do not require a huge budget. AllConnect being the consulting services for Finance,
Legal, Process and HR functions department-wise, where the customers can use those, which they require. “This increases the confidence of the customer while they pay for what they use. AllConnect focuses on achieving organization goal, vision and mission of its clients,” asserts Gokul Rengarajan, Founder & CEO, AllConnect Business Consultancy Services.

"AllConnect is focused on shedding Special Care on startups and will soon launch in Bangalore as well"

Established in 2010, the company is managed by a team of dynamic professionals with rich experience in all axes of business consulting. AllConnect’s consulting team comprises experienced CA, CS, Lawyers, and certified business advisers with strong experience in various critical consulting areas (Implementing Process, M&A, FEMA, FDI, and Subsidiary Incorporation). The team renders best advisory service for any organization and provides efficacious services to its clients in the fields of Company Laws (Incorporation till insolvency), Foreign Exchange Laws, FDI, Intellectual Property Rights, ISO and more.

Using Technology for Customized Consultation
With localised and circumscribed issues cropping-up with several companies that require on-demand and departmental services, AllConnect treads on the uncharted path of ‘Consulting Services on demand’. “Since companies can’t assume all email users would use the calendar for meeting schedules, or cloud space to share
documents, but if required, clients know it’s right there with AllConnect,” states Gokul. Here in, the company uses licensed cloud storage to maintain and transfer data with ironclad security that is further managed by maintaining NDAs and internal audit team. The company has also associated (Sales Partner) with organizations like Zoho Corp and Grey HR.

Upcoming Market Strategies
Every business, especially startups fear to embrace Corporate Governance, Compliance, Books Maintenance, Contracts & Agreement, Loans, Government norms, Cash flow and so forth, due to lack of awareness. Being a complete Business Consulting House, AllConnect strives hard to make the startups feel comfortable and confident with its team that has till now witnessed an organic growth spreading its wings across Tamil Nadu with its branch offices in Chennai & Coimbatore.

Marching ahead in 2019, AllConnect is focused on shedding special care on startups and will soon launch in Bangalore as well. It is all set to launch several initiatives such as ‘Virtual Finance Team’, ‘Virtual Legal Team’, ‘Virtual HR (BP, Payroll, Recruitment) Team’, and ‘Virtual Travel Desk’, to smoothen startup progress and growth by empowering support departments. As is evident, the company has donned several hats and marked several milestones like becoming TradeMark Attorney 2012, crossed over 100 Satisfied Clients by 2014, started consulting, audit and certification in ISO 9001, 22000 and 14001 in as early as 2014.