Alfa Recycling: A Potential Numero Uno in the E-Waste Management Industry

Faizullah Khan,CEOThe growing e-waste problem necessitates a greater emphasis on recycling and better e-Waste management. Although the problem of everincreasing e-Waste is complex, it gives enormous value because these e-Wastes are a rich source of valuable metals that can be recovered and reincorporated into the production process. According to Market Research, the Indian e-waste management market is fast increasing and is predicted to rise at a CAGR of 14.25 percent in terms of revenue and 8.24 percent in terms of volume between 2021 and 2026.

Looking at the opportunities, various companies have been established in this sector. Alfa Recycling based in Mumbai is a front-runner in e-Waste management. Founded by Amrullah Khan in 2004, the company deals in all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with a focus on the Reinstatement of Office Work, Telecom Scrap, and is highly suitable for all kinds of E-Waste, metal and battery recycling.

“Alfa Recycling specializes in weighing and pays services which means we can collect the scrap metal at your property and weigh everything in front of you and then pay you cash on the spot. We can offer our clients a wide range of services in order to make the removal of scrap both convenient and cost-efficient. We are able to organize weigh and pay service or bins, meaning there is little or no interference to the running of your business operations.

With ready access to a range of vehicles, we are able to ensure fast and efficient pickup. We provide bins ranging in size from
2 meters square to 33 meters square”, says, Faizullah Khan, CEO, Alfa Recycling Alfa Recycling covers the entire range of services related to the recycling process and was established with the aim of maximizing profits in e-Waste management. It has recycling facilities like Operating plant facilities for separating, and sorting for recycling e-Waste, Operating plant facilities for data destruction and degaussing for hard-disk devices, Operating plant facilities for separating, sorting, and melting non-ferrous metals and so on.

It provides services like Brokering assets, Purchase of excess equipment, Data destruction, Metal Recycling, Battery Recycling, E-Waste recycling, Factory Demolition, Environmentallyresponsible disposal and more. The company recycles LCD/FLAT/CRT Monitors, Copiers, Printers, Scanners, Fax machines, Laptops/PC/Desktop/ Tower Servers, Phones e.g. Desk landlines, mobile & accessories Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and so on, by collecting from different companies.

“We also cater to the individual waste management needs of household, commercial and industrial customers. Our services include the collection and transportation, containing, sorting, shredding, and disposal of waste material in order to maximize the utilization of these resources. To further complement our range of services, we provide skilled and semiskilled workers to ensure your waste management needs are met”, speaks, Faizullah. Alfa Recycling is a certified recycling company with a strong basis for electronic waste, metal scrap, and battery waste recycling.

The company initially started in e-waste but planning to expand its foothold in other materials also. The company has earned many awards and certifications from around the globe. The company is associated with various reputed companies such as L&T Electricals, Syska, OPG, Airtel, Indus Tower, Miracle Cable, Tata Power, LEONI, ONGC and many more. The company has collection centres from Mumbai and other 22 centres around the country.

Future Roadmap
Since its inception in 2004, Alfa Recycling has shown consistent growth in the sector based on the principles which respect for people, teamwork, customer satisfaction, commitment and so on. The company aims to be a global operator in the recycling chain, with the ability to unite all sectors and provide comprehensive management that guarantees the processes of transformations into fractions, to incorporate the flows of the market as secondary raw material and this way to help to minimize the need to consume natural resources.

The company’s deep focus is on making recycling-efficient and ensuring the balance between the environment and the economy to make it long-lasting. Furthermore, the firm plans to manufacture plastic sheets from tetra pack recycling, and to manufacture plastic compound from plastic items.