ALD Automotive India: Pioneer in Automotive Mobility Service Provider

Suvajit Karmakar, CEO & Whole Time Director
Suvajit Karmakar, CEO

As a company or enterprise grows, the requirements for its fleet maintenance also varies proportionally. Procuring vehicles at different times according to the changing needs of the company, overseeing the break system and other maintenance costs are eating up a lion’s share of companies’ efforts and expenses. In a digitized world, where many sales and management is done in a simple way, why do corporate still wrestle with fleet purchase and management issues when they can vest them in leasing solutions? Noted as one of a kind of solutions and services in the fast moving automotive or mobility industry, Societe Generale Group, France owned ALD Automotive targets to fill this gap in fleet management and purchase with comprehensive leasing solutions. By choosing ALD Automotive’s long term car leasing solutions and structured and manageable monthly fleet costs, corporates can achieve significant cost savings, reduce administrative hassles and increase productivity.

Established in 2005,ALD Automotive India has pioneered in rendering wide range of solutions such as Full Service Leasing,
"Staying a step ahead in this cut-throat competition, ALD Automotive is distinguished by a variety of flexible solutions tailored to suit business and the support of intuitive and user-friendly portal,My ALD"

Back, Six Wheel Lease and Second Lease. Whether you need one car or a few hundred, ALD Automotive offers end to end vehicle leasing services from helping you decide the vehicle, financing, procurement, insurance premiums, maintenance, inspections, accidental repair, substitute vehicles and much more, under one roof. Staying a step ahead in this cut throat competition, the company is also distinguished by a variety of flexible solutions tailored to suit business and the support of intuitive and user -friendly portal, My ALD. Suvajit Karmakar, CEO & Whole Time Director, ALD Automotive India, explains,“My ALD portal is a comprehensive and unique customer-oriented portal, in which customers can consolidate every process digitally from making their own car lease quotation to managing insurance claim. The whole customer lifecycle management can be done in simple way. The portal also enables customising quote and searching vehicle by make, by city, by budget and so on. If anything happens to the car, you just log in to our platform, just select your maintenance, and then get the vehicle service done. Under fleet management services, we also offer car replacement; if a car needs repair, we come and pick up the car for service and in the meantime, you will get another car for your requirements.”
Highly appreciated for quality services by many reputed companies across the country, ALD Automotive has proved itself to be a leading player by setting an industry benchmark for professionalism, transparency and service delivery in India. We manage a fleet of over 12,000+ vehicles catering to more than 900+ corporate customers in over 280+ locations across India. “Our customer-centric and high quality services, innovation and team spirit make us different from others. Moreover Customers also like to purchase used cars from us because these vehicles are owned by, serviced by and managed by us; we’ve the total history of these cars. This trust enables us to sell about 3000 used cars into the market and grow at a pace of 9-10 percent annually,” says Suvajit.

With a strong presence in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune and a head office in Mumbai, ALD Automotive India operations are carried out in a way that is incomparable in the automotive market. About company’s future goals, Suvajit speaks,“Our ambition is to be the worldwide leader in creation and provision of mobility solutions. To achieve that, we work as one cohesive team to exceed customer expectations and set the touchstone for quality, innovation and sustainable results within our industry. Company is trying to unseal the huge opportunity for smart solutions like electric mobility and so on in India. We target to achieve 15 percent annual growth and possess a fleet of more than 20,000 cars by 2020.”