Airspace Broadband: Building a Truly Digital Infrastructure with Fast and Affordable Internet

Shamanth M,Director & VP Marketing
Shamanth M, Director& VP Marketing
Despite the efforts made under Digital India initiatives to bring about digital transformation and more connectivity to the nation, still there is a ‘digital divide’ between urban and rural India. According to a recent report by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), internet penetration in urban India is about 64.85 percent, whereas it's just 20.26 percent in rural areas. Rural India, with an estimated population of 918 million as per the 2011 census, has only 186 million internet users. Thus, there are 732 million potential users still to be reached in villages. With the intention to bridge this digital gap and uncap the huge potential of internet in connecting people, organizations, businesses and government bodies in remote areas, Airspace Broadband began offering low cost and next-generation internet services in tier 2 and 3 cities of the country.

Airspace Broadband explains, “With a special attention to tier 2 and 3 cities, the technology driven internet services of Airspace Broadband are served on subscription-based and transaction-based models. We’re keeping our cost low by creating a hybrid network framework with fibre plus wireless networks. Our state-of-the-art fibre optic infrastructure and GEPON network ensure transferring of large amounts of data at speeds close to 500 MBPS. Through Airstream, we provide internet via air directly into your homes and help
you get online even from remote areas.” Apart from this, company employs a combo of vendor-driven and in-house tools to manage various functions like customer relationship management, uptime/downtime monitoring, network monitoring and many others and has set up a digital call centre to ensure prolific customer support. Altogether, the team strives to keep the infrastructure digital in order to efficiently cater to their customers and to maintain the low cost and speed.

Renjan Puthupparampil, CTO

With top quality equipment and technology, Airspace Broadband caters Fiber-To-The-Home and wireless broadband technologies to homes, small-medium businesses and offices in tire 2 and 3 cities. While serving to such a diverse user portfolio, the company also tries to ensure maximum customer support for each customer and stays immensely responsive every time. “One of our major differentiating factors is our customer service; we make sure that our customer service is very responsive and there is a speedy resolution for everything. We have set up a dedicated customer service team and we’re working 24/7 to provide a highly satisfied internet experience to our users,” shares Nishanth Hegde CFO and COO, Airspace Broadband.

The highly-skilled and qualified team of Airspace Broadband consists of

people who are trained from prestigious institutions like IIT and who have decades of experience in the industry. With such a talented team and customer-focused approach, the firm could lead an impressive journey till date. Shamanth M, Director and VP Marketing, Airspace Broadband, quotes, “We started our operation in February 2017. Since then, it’s been a year and we were able to accumulate over thousand customers, which is indeed a fair good growth in a tire 2 or 3 city market. In terms of revenue, we’re growing at 2 to 3% every month.” Today, spread across in several rural cities of Karnataka including Udupi, Manipal, kundapura and Santhekatte, company's clientele comprises of educational institutes, hospitals, corporate and many government undertakings like police stations, public service offices. Speaking about the future plans, Shamanth says, “We’re looking at creating small cell networks,

Nishanth Hegde, CFO& COO

leveraging the free or unlicensed bandwidth and setting up of solar powered towers. On the other hand, Airspace Broadband will continue providing affordable internet services to inaccessible areas using next-generation technologies. Ultimately, we envision being the partner of choice to provide best internet experience and bring millions of citizens to the World Wide Web.”