Airserve Initiatives: Accelerating ROI using Autonomous UAV Solutions

In this era of digital disruption, Drones have been integrated with all the major industries. Drones have the potential to offer critical contributions to the GDP by providing Autonomous Aerial and Ancillary Services, enabling key industries to improve their revenues. Hyderabad based, Airserve is an innovative startup in the Customized Drone & Autonomous Services industry that recognizes the vast potential and applications of UAVs.

A self-funded and Profitable start-up founded by a team of experts in the field of Aerial Surveys and Data Analytics, they address existing challenges and empower leaders in the Construction, Inspection, Security & Surveillance Industries.

Airserve has created a distributed ecosystem with Drones across parts of India, USA and the Middle Eastern Markets to survey/inspect imagery or videos upon request and create a world where you know a lot more about land & infrastructure than we know today, and usher in an era of digital disruption, eliminating irregularities and ensuring profitability to all. It is accelerated by AI and our fleet of Autonomous Cellular Connected Drones.

Actively involved in bringing forth cutting-edge technologies like 4G & 5G Cellular Connected Drones and Autonomous Inspection Solutions. Airserve is one of India's first companies to build a 4G LTE Drone, which has a superior range compared to other UAVs and it being used to deliver medicines for last-mile deliveries and other BVLOS operations.

Some of Airserve's product offerings are -
Construction Solution ­ With over 4000 crores being lost annually due to construction violations and encroachments, our offering T-BIRDS (Building Inspection & Reporting Using Drones) eliminates construction irregularities by enabling municipalities to identify violations. T-BIRDS was piloted in two Municipalities and identified violations over Rs. 1 Lakh per property, is forecasted to identify over 80% violations and increase the property tax revenues by over Rs.3000 crores annually. In addition to increased revenues, Airserve's solution enforces Floor Space Index (FSI) compliance in Metropolitan Cities.

Mining Solution ­ Illegal mining is a major issue for the Indian Government. CAG forecasts annual loss of more than Rs.5000 crores. Airserve's T-MINR (Mine Inspection and Reporting) solution enables the various Government agencies to ensure compliance while ensuring safety of the mining site. T-MINR provides 99%+ accuracy and 10x faster surveys of mines, enables dynamic volumetric calculations and identifies all violations.

Infrastructure Inspection Solution ­ T-INFRA is our autonomous UAS inspection solution
that are 10x faster compared to manual inspections. Our UAS assisted operations are used for Solar Farms, Wind Farms, Power Lines, Pipelines & Cell Towers. UAV operations are expected to cut down costs spent inspecting infrastructure by nearly 90% for these Key industries.

India has one of the highest on-site accidents during inspections, out UAS assisted operations help conduct safer operations and have shown to reduce accidents by over 50%.

Aniketh Madhusudhan,Director
Airserve & Team

Surveying Solution - Airserve developed T-SUR-VEY (Technological Surveys) ­ a unique UAV Surveying product which provides over 99% accurate land survey outputs for various industries. With over a 1000Kms of aerial land surveys and high-quality 2D & 3D outputs generated, we ensured that the products are delivered 5x Faster than our competitors due to our Team of GIS Experts working round the clock and our Pilot team who are equipped with Advanced Technology to be 10x faster than any other Data Capturing Team.

Bootstrapped for the Future
A 2019 HMTV Award winner for the most innovative start-up, Airserve has a team of UAV engineers and pilots with over 6000 hours of flying experience & surveyed over 15000+km. Backed by a group of GIS experts who have, over the years, delivered millions of data points directly to the end-users, the company is bootstrapped to expand into autonomous drones and autonomous inspection offerings.

The team at Airserve have also come up with a first of its kind product for the Police, to use Cellular Connected UAVs which help monitor crowd from a Single Command & Control Center. The team at Airserve were successfully able to demonstrate the technology along with the Telangana Police during the early Covid-19 unlock stages and are offering Autonomous Security & Surveillance drone for first responders.

Fasten your seatbelts, Drones are here to Takeover" At Airserve Initiatives, we believe in the three D's (Digitize, Disrupt, Democratize) and have built applications which can help control our own custom-built UAVs autonomously for various operations raging from Inspections & Surveys to Surveillance ­ Aniketh Madhusudhan, Director, Airserve

Focused on profitability & deeper penetration into niche segments in the Indian market, Airserve is well positioned to mitigate risk by building an international practice and ensuring a balance in revenue share between Governments and Private Sector customer.