Airfi Hotspot Systems: Offers Wi-Fi Connection To Daily-Life Travellers

Ranjith T & Ranjith Reddy T ,Co-FoundersWi-Fi has never been more important than it was is 2021. The need for a high-speed internet connection drives the Indian Wi-Fi solutions market. Additionally, an increasing number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, iPads, and tablets, among others, have caused a great need for faster and more efficient Wi-Fi. As a result, the total number of internet subscribers increased to 757.61 million in January 2021. In addition, the entire wireless or mobile telephone subscriber base grew to 1,163.41 million in January 2021, from 1,153.77 million in December 2020.

AirFi Hotspot Systems, founded in 2016, has the vision to transform the in-bus entertainment experience into fully-fledged internet-enabled Wi-Fi connectivity and meet the growing need for Wi-Fi access to all the citizens who travel around in their daily lives by providing public access to the information world. The firm specializes in the deployment of Wi-Fi hotspots, live bus tracking, onboard announcement system, and CCTV cameras in buses.

"We have received incredible encouragement and support from the consumers. We have made some great tie-ups and added many big Pan India brands to our portfolio. As a startup, we have received many accolades and praises for our workmanship, team and management strategies. Our statistics show an upward trend, and despite the lockdown and pandemic restrictions, our clients remain faithful to us and are eagerly looking forward to more associations with us.
We have more than one million users, 1045 hotspots, and 112 clients across five cities", explains Ranjith T, Co- Founder, AirFi Hotspot Systems.

Unique Range of Wi-Fi Services for Transportation
As we know, 95 percent of the Indian population uses public transportation, in which a significant percentage of citizens travel by bus. Hence, accessing the internet on the go is substantial problem citizens are facing across the nation. AirFi has developed the latest technology software and customized, cost-effective Wi-Fi hotspots to solve this problem and offer high-speed internet with seamless connectivity while traveling.

Ranjith T, Co-Founder

Moreover, for passengers who need Wi-Fi while traveling, the firm's hotspots provide fast internet that benefits travelers to connect to the information world. "AirFi has come up with the pole marker solution for displaying the ad-boards with geo marker at the transit points to manage transit management for both inter-state and intra- state buses, thereby providing the customer greater convenient and travel experience by providing the accurate boarding/ dropping points, along with free Wi- Fi access to all the passengers at the boarding points," adds Ranjith.

Along with this, AirFi also provides city-wide Wi-Fi, which creates possibilities for residents and visitors to stay updated with all the latest community news. Also, Wi-Fi makes it easier to receive or deliver information to each other. And with the help of such exceptional services, the company has seen phenomenal growth over the past few years. The company has achieved milestones as per their plan and received unexpected respect and love from the clients, which helped them gain revenue of around Rs.55 lakh in the FY 2020-2021.

AirFi is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art services to cater to individual needs. Their solutions are developed and executed with feature-rich offerings, which can enhance business productivity and customer satisfaction. Afterwards, the company plans its roadmap ahead with expansion, efficiency, and endurance. AirFi is going to expand all over Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. Additionally, within the next two years, the company plans a Pan India presence in collaboration with industry-leading corporate companies.