Aesthetic Vision Facade Systems (Avfspl): Provides Complete Facade Solutions Under One Roof

 Atul Tyagi, Managing Director,  V M Tyagi, Co-Founder

Atul Tyagi, Managing Director

V M Tyagi, Co-Founder

In the last two decades, it is seen that the elevating levels of urbanization and growing demand for modern housing infrastructure are among the primary factors driving the Indian facade market. Moreover, the emerging focus of customers towards aesthetically appealing designs and the improving consumer living standards are further stimulating this growth. Aesthetic Vision Facade System also known as AVFS is a budding firm that strives to provide best comprehensive turnkey facade solutions to its clients at competitive prices and are sustainable, safe and high quality. Established in 2018 at Noida, the company designs the customized facades as per the needs of the consumers.

Since its inception, AVFS is emerging as one of the leading and inno-vative facade fabrication company across the country and is creating more aesthetic and environment friendly buildings for the coming gene-rations. The company adheres to its core values of quality, teamwork, integrity, transparency and accountability while giving its clients the most compelling aesthetics possible. “We believe that we have been entrusted with the responsibility to make the first look of any architecture impressive and we sincerely work to fulfil the aspirations of our clients”,says V. M. Tyagi, CoFounder.

Focussed on Design & Value Engineering

The engineers and designers of AVFSPL are skilled in developing 3D structural models with complex designs and detailing level. The
versatility of AVFS in 3D model process helps highly experienced Facade professionals in designing, detailing and documenting building systems more efficiently. Also, the company has all the required expertise and knowledge in Facade & Fenestration detailing service with the most updated software and associated tools. “Our domain expertise helps us in providing Complete, exclusive, customised design solutions for all stakeholders within structural engineering”, says Atul Tyagi, Managing Director. The company has earned a broad clientele of more than 200 customers in such a short period of time.

AVFSPL has worked on prestigious projects like MSME training center of Noida as well as HSRT at Sabarmati Station of Ahmedabad, the first one of a kind station designed for bullet trains in the country

AVFSPL is highly focused on each and every minute detail and puts greater emphasis on technical excellence with the best possible solutions. The firm always strives for quality and adopts latest technologies from design to construction. The extensive portfolio of AVFS showcases some of their most innovative projects, ranging from complex curtain wall systems to modernized storefront designs. The firm has worked on prestigious projects like MSME training center of Noida as well as HSRT (High Speed Rail Terminal) at Sabarmati Station of Ahmedabad which was the first one of a kind station designed for bullet trains in the country.

With cutting edge technology, the company ensures that all its projects are up to date with industry standards and safety regulations. The company is involved in some of the most complex facade engineering projects available in the industry. With an in-house team of expert engineers, designers and researchers, AVFSPL is well equipped with state of the art machinery and technology to deliver projects on time. The team at AVFS is highly passionate about creating innovative glazing systems and facade solutions that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The company is passionate about metal innovative facade, dynamic facade and parametric facade. The company understands the importance of providing quality products and services that meet its customers’ needs. Moving ahead, AVFS is aiming to develop a reputation of excellence by delivering top notch services and craftsmanship to each one of its clients. The vision of the company is not just to complete each project but to continuously improve its practices while providing high level customer service and excellent craftsmanship throughout every project development stage.