AEO Design Consultants: Accelerating AEC Performance by Enhancing BIM Workflow Quality

Kamaljeet S Marwah,  Founder & Director

Kamaljeet S Marwah

Founder & Director

The global architectural, engineering and construction market is expected to grow to USD 17,570.1 million by 2030, at a CAGR of more than 10 percent from 2022 to 2030. The adoption of various designing software in order to accelerate design productivity and construction timeline is the major key driver making this space flourish exponentially. Globally, BIM technology certainly revolutionized virtual designing and construction of building structure with its holistic approach of creating and managing information for built asset. However, in India, most of the BIM firms are solely dedicated to only modelling (3D) of projects for International clients without fair understanding of design and construction know hows leading to unexpected basic errors, which makes the need to delve deeper to gain technical knowledge of designing and construction practices. AEO Design Consultants realized the gravity of the current scenario and decided to fill this void by providing a wholesome experience to global AEC firms by not only supporting in creating BIM models but also by participating actively in design and construction related decision which meant implementing BIM technology to its full and constructive potential.

Understanding basics of design and construction practices, AEODC does not limit themselves to BIM modelling only and ventured into building an AEC company that undertakes to deliver digital design and construction projects in a comprehensive manner. They envision to emerge as an BIM establishment that promises to come on board not only as a BIM firm but also as a firm providing technically viable and acceptable design and construction solutions. Since its inception in 2014, AEODC has taken up around 70 projects all over the globe and has strong presence in the United States and Canadian AEC market.

Array of Services
AEODC takes immense effort to understand the client's requirement and educates them with all the necessary information they need to know before getting a BIM firm on board. The company stands out in its approach to be a full-fledged digital design and construction firm using correct BIM Tools and Rightly Decoded Information. They work with all the stakeholders of a construction project such as architects, engineers, general contractors or subcontractors and interior designers offering a range of services falling under BIM technology starting from 2D to 7D. In near future, new services such as building design consulting including sustainable design certifications for Indian Projects and

AEC Industry oriented technical trainings to build skilled technical workforce serving wider customer base are going to be launched. Kamaljeet S Marwah, Founder and Director of AEODC adds, "In highly fragmented BIM industry, it is not only about knowing the software technicalities but also understanding and communicating efficiently on design and construction know hows, which will make a firm stand apart. And this aspect has really helped us understand what the client is looking for, what are the pain points”. Having around two decades of AEC Industry experience, Kamaljeet aims for AEODC to serve a purpose in current digital revolution AEC Industry is experiencing. He completed his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from BIT Mesra, Ranchi, followed by MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto specializing in Corporate Finance and Strategic Management.

Anjali K, Technical Co-Founder & Sr. Manager

AEODC firmly believes that Client doesn't want to get a BIM Consultant on board whose submission they need to review before it goes for construction. Anjali K, Technical Co-Founder adds, "Our work is not reviewed by clients for comments, rather directly built on site for meeting the end purpose which speaks volume about our work accuracy and ethics and that's what makes client award AEODC BIM jobs repeatedly". Design and Construction Technology Enthusiast, Anjali Kumari holds quality experience of demidecade working in the AEC Industry. Spear heading the BIM Division, she strongly believes technology will change the course of construction in near future. She completed her Bachelor of Architecture from NIT Hamirpur and aims to change the way BIM is implemented.

AEODC strongly believes getting uncommon in tangible skills on board, such as design know how, construction concepts, software knowledge lastly taking ownership of projects helps create value for clients during project design & construction lifecycle

Road Ahead
In coming years the company aims to evolve by catering to each vertical of the AEC industry by opening one of the biggest centres in North India of technically skilled professionals serving Global (including India) clients on BIM Enabled Projects offering BIM Studio Setup, followed by Indian Clients on Architecture & MEP Design Consulting including Sustainable Design Certifications and lastly, imparting AEC Industry Oriented Training focused on Design, Construction and BIM Technology. "Achieving these milestones will help us meet our long term and sustainable vision of creating jobs to deliver enhanced quality BIM projects in India for global AEC firms", Marwah concludes.