Aec Bim Solutions: Stepping Up BIM Projects with Result Driven Implementations

Kasim Vali Akumalla, Founder & CEO

Kasim Vali Akumalla

Founder & CEO

Construction industry is known for being complicated, risky and uncertain, that certainly contributes to project delay, cost overrun, low product quality and other such bottlenecks. Building Information Modelling (BIM) has proven to be a promising platform that can solve such problems. However, currently, in India the usage of BIM is restricted to design & 3D Modelling and not carried to construction and Facility Management. Indian construction Industry has several challenges, there are no standards in the industry and there is a deficiency of project Management expertise, which results in project delays and cost over runs. The software used are expensive and require advanced hardware. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of BIM, some mavens in the industry are clinging to the old ways of working.

While numerous bigger firms began going to BIM because it was an essential assumption they needed to offer for government construction projects, there was no driving force for more modest firms. To be sure, the greatest boundary to more modest firms taking up BIM is an absence of customer interest in the technology.

As per a research report, the building information modelling(BIM) market was valued at USD $5.4 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD $10.7 billion by 2026. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% during the forecast period. Rising trend of IoT in construction sector, increasing trend of BIM and growing focus of organizations on introducing new standards such as ISO 19650 in BIM market act as a growth opportunity. Its promising future wherein buildings, design and construction will be cheaper, safer, more efficient and more responsive to end-users.

Throwing more light on how to go about adopting BIM, Kasim Vali Akumalla, CEO & Managing Director of AEC BIM Solutions Private Limited said, “The need of the hour is to use it effectively in a few large scaled landmark projects and make it a benchmark for BIM practice for future projects. In this endeavour the principal Architectural firms have a large role to play. They have to create in-house BIM Specialists which is integrated in their design deliverables SOPs. If BIM becomes installed in the business in general, the whole market would initially have to move toward that path. Customers would be taught how BIM can assist them with setting aside cash and picture their projects if we are to see customer request levels for the technology increment. However, before this happens, organizations themselves would be taught how to utilize the technology, from the architects designing the plans directly to the project workers who execute those plans. The insights show that presently that is not happening”. “Adequately, we are talking here about preparing a whole industry to utilize BIM and take advantage of the conceivable outcomes it offers. Except if this occurs, BIM won’t turn into the standard in the construction business any time soon”, he adds.

Despite the difficulties and uncertainty in the market Kasim laid the foundation to AEC BIM Solutions Private Limited in June 2020 with a single client from UK and 2 employees. Initially, the firm focused on its quality standards & developed as process driven organization. In a fairly short span of 9 months since its inception, AEC has now earned the trust of 20 clients (UK Clients-6, US Clients-3, India-1) with a continued focus on acquiring more clients and projects in the pipeline.

Delivering Projects Nothing Short of Highest Quality
AEC BIM Solutions is a professional Engineering & BIM solutions firm with expertise in providing the Innovative, integrated solutions to complex problems leadership in sustainability and commitment to energy efficient design & BIM Solutions.

Led by a team of experts carrying a combined experience of 20+ years in the field of Architecture and Engineering, Executed leading projects like International Airports, Specialized Hospitals, High rise & Mixed Use Apartments, Commercial, Educational and Residential buildings across India, USA, UK and Middle East based AEC Firms. AEC’s Service offerings can alleviate many of the business challenges of architects, engineers, contractors and project owners by providing greater project insight earlier in the design and construction process to help them make more informed decisions.

Hyderabad headquartered, AEC BIM Solutions is full custom services firm. “As such it’s our business to quickly adopt to meet our client’s diverse needs, so we really mean it when we say we’re here to help you. With every client, we understand that a different approach may need to be employed with every project, bringing a new set of skills and technology to the table. We devote the time needed to study the objective of the project”, explains Kasim. Rightly so, to achieve the goals of the project, AEC
engineers outdo themselves by adopting the most appropriate methods. AEC maintains to follow a system driven process incorporating the latest methods in the industry which ensures projects are delivered on time and are nothing short of the highest quality.

At AEC BIM Solutions, commitment & dedication is directed towards providing the support required that can add value to clients’ current or future projects. One may consider AEC BIM as an Extension of their BIM team. Through a collaborative effort, AEC team assesses the dynamics of clients’ projects, identifies any challenges faced by the company, develop an execution plan to overcome them, and execute. “Successful execution leads to the heart of our business plan, that has always been, long term customer relationships”, adds Kasim.

“At Aec Bim Solutions, Commitment & Dedication Is Directed Towards Providing The Support Required That Can Add Value To Clients’ Current Or Future Projects

Only the Best Technologies at Work
Over the last 20 years, Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become universally known as the software that disrupted architecture and construction. In fact, the adoption of BIM in commercial construction marked the dawn of a new era in design and stakeholder collaboration.

AEC BIM deploys Autodesk® Building Information Modelling (BIM) to design & coordinate projects for many of its clients. BIM is an intelligent 3D model that allows the team to better visualize a design, resulting in improved coordination and decision making.

Setting benchmarks in its implementation of BIM, AEC BIM Solutions has raised the bar by offering centralised, integrated, consistent, and reliable services that have incorporated technologyled offerings such as detailed 3D BIM models, Quantity TakeOff, 4D Time/ Scheduling Simulation of Construction Sequence, 5D cost Estimation and 6D Facility management, Point cloud Scan to BIM, BIM Automation, Digital Fabrication, Fabrication / Spool drawings for accurate Onsite or offsite prefabrication, Cobie data for the facility Management.

What Defines Success?
While talking about the impeccable success stories that AEC BIM has written in its short stint, Kasim quotes the former & late Secretary of State of the US, Colin Powell saying, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure”.

As mentioned earlier, AEC started its operations with only 2 employees in India and has now grown to accommodate a team of 35 skilled professionals carrying extensive years of knowledge from the construction and planning industry.

As a passionate Building Services Consultant himself, Kasim loves bringing visions to reality. He says, “Working in several offices for over 20+Years I have always been keen to create something new by applying new technologies to project. As BIM appeared in the industry, it was a chance for me to combine my digital mindset with the ambition to design the built future”.

Ambitious as this goal may be, a continuously growing team with different backgrounds and an alliance with strong partners ensure that the idea becomes a reality.

Initially AEC begun serving a client from UK. Now, the firm expands over the Geography of projects covering from USA, UK & India with the turnover crossing Twenty Million for the FY 2021-22 till 3rd Quarter. AEC’s current Project includes Residential & Commercial Apartments, Workshops, Airports, Hospitals, and Mixed Use Projects. AEC BIM Solutions has also been awarded a prestigious Data center project which is the largest FDI in India covering project area of 12,29,287 sq.ft & 9,29,400 sq.ft. and Under a closing discussion of 380+ acres Infrastructure development international project, works to be started in 2022 where AEC team will be working on the Engineering design & BIM deliverables.

Future Built on the Foundations of New Age Technologies
AEC BIM envisions providing superior speciality consulting services to the clients by delivering the world’s most innovative solutions thereby becoming the world’s best Engineering company in the eyes of its customers, communities and people.

Due to increasing database of its clients from USA, UAE & UK, AEC is planning to expand its physical presence of offices in US, UAE & UK in 2022. Simultaneously, given India’s immense potential in the growing BIM market, AEC is prepared to grow its physical operations across Pan India, especially in highly developing regions for Infrastructure. The way forward for this is by adopting the latest trends shaping the future of BIM including Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, Additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D Printing, Integrated project delivery, Energy Modelling for reducing the carbon footprint, Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence, and 3D Printing for building construction.

Kasim Vali Akumalla, Founder and CEO
Kasim has more than 20 years of professional working experience in the AEC Industry, Dedicated expertise in BIM Implementation & digital transformation on the construction projects.

His Unique Entrepreneurship qualities helped him in establishing AEC BIM Solutions and delivering even the smallest solution with utmost dedication and in best possible manner. He brings a fresh approach to the overall functioning of the company to keep its Innovativeness, Sustainability and refined quality assurance.