Advanced Millennium Technologies: Tech Pioneers in Chatbot Development

Aby Varghese,Founder & MD Tobias Rueckert

Aby Varghese

Founder & MD Tobias Rueckert

The tech advancement has made CRM both simple as well as crucial. Especially, the eCommerce industry is the one using such advanced technologies for their customer relationship and also retainership programs. Today, a Chatbot is used to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner, thereby passing the Turing test. ver the last few years, chatbot development has come a long way. The Chatbot is the key in providing consumers not only 24x7 customer support but also the best guidance relating to their queries. Advanced Millennium Technologies (AMT) is a Bengaluru based IT Solutions and Services provider offering a wide range of services to its clients worldwide. AMT is an Indo German joint venture founded in 2002 by Aby Varghese an Electronics and Communication Engineer and Tobias Rueckert a serial entrepreneur, that develops Chatbot for SMEs, Telecom, and Retail clients across the globe. AMT offers Chatbot for multiple languages like English, German, Chinese, and Arabic for Order processing, Customer Support, and Business Process Automation.

Global Chatbot Innovators
AMT has more than two decades of global exposure and experience in working with
different clients. The company follows best engineering practices with round-the-clock customer support. AMT does custom chatbot development for its clients. Having its own NLP(Natural Language Processing) engine with others like IBM Watson, Dialog Flow etc. it becomes easier for AMT to guide the client through the development process depending upon the complexity, language support, and budget. AMT has developed an indigenous test bed solution to test the chatbot to mimic human behavior.

With the Chatbot Advancement, Advanced Millennium Technologies has become the Tech Pioneers in Business Development around the globe

AMT's expert language scientists work on Chatbot Scenarios and NLP. There are three ways in which a chatbot can be developed a menu driven approach, Free text approach, and A combination of both. AMT works on three phases of user behavior when engaging with chatbots Try simple queries, Explore more, and Challenge the chatbot. At the last stage, getting all sorts of questions from the users is relevant. It's kind of a psychological war between humans and AI.

AMT specializes in integrating the chatbot with clients' existing IT products. The company has a lot of experience in designing user journeys for the identification and authorization of chatbot users before responding to certain transactional questions in Chatbot. One of the key services offered by AMT is building a Chatbot personality.

AMT's great team of Architects, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Developers, and QA help their customers achieve their business objectives successfully. AMT has successfully automated engineering practices such that automatic tests are put in place to check the source code quality, security vulnerability checks, security audits, etc. AMT has been able to achieve a 15% growth even during the pandemic time. AMT plans to focus on the IoT market in the coming years. Also, AMT strategizes to develop an indigenous NLP engine for Indian languages.