Adited: Going Beyond the Conventional Work Methodologies

Abhinandan Gupta, Founder"I am a photographer and working from home brought out a lazy attitude in me,” states Heena, a freelance photographer. India has recently been abiding by the latest concept of co-working spaces and Heena decided to explore this opportunity in her city of Indore. Adited, the young and vibrant co-working space was all that she needed to help her work and progress without being pulled back to the mundane issues of leasing an office space, bills amongst score of other responsibilities. Like Heena, Adited, a co-working space provider, is helping several other startup founders, freelancers, corporate and night owls maintain a one point focus on running their organization while taking care of the infrastructural and operation amenities from them. "We are focused towards building a cultural model rather than a business model. We don’t just provide co working space but also a culture and lifestyle to the co-workers here," states Abhinandan Gupta, Founder, Adited.

Boosting Productivity

Established in 2015, Adited terms
it self as a team of marketing artists that would help brands scale phenomenal heights. It is catering to the millennial demands by offering its co-workers with simple, economic and flexible packages that give it an upper edge over other players. It focuses on creating a community where people from all walks of life meet to discover and share new skills. With no administration overhauls, Adited offers 24x7 access to its shared office space and offers clients scalable options that negates the space issues that might crop up with their expansion. Every month, it conducts diverse events/workshops such as networking events, Meetups, Panel Discussion and various issues of the society that enables startups gather extra help in their journey. Abhinandan explains, " We frequently conduct investors meet-up and events in which we collaborate with mentors and VC companies to come and explain the funding process and invite start-ups to pitch at our space itself".

With no administration over hauls, Adited offers 24x7 access to its shared office space and offers clients scalable options that negates the space issues that might crop up with their expansion

Though the prime motive of all of them is networking and a
productive work environment, few of them believe that certain things require utmost privacy. Hence, Adited has added private cabins to its work space and have increased the conference room hours in all of its packages. In addition to necessary services like high speed internet, ample parking space, high end furniture, security and many more, Adited also supports its clients by facilitating them with legal advisory, helping them traverse their business journey with minimum obstacles. This co-working space has an eye for detail and offers value added services of in house printing & scanning, professional business address, mailbox facilities to send and receive important business documents and the fun feature of discount coupons to the existing co-working members. Adited is experiencing a rapid growth in terms of quality and quantity as well. This has been possible owing to its strategic location that helps provide its users with a super productive environment along with the doorstep facility to its diverse community of co-workers.

A space designed with a lot of positive and bright energy, the Adited coworkers have lots of positive work vibes around while working from here. The primary aim of the organization is to create a community and bring together productive and talented individuals, so as to maximize idea and resource sharing. " It's more than just another co-working space, it's a work ecosystem where individuals can grow together,” concludes Abhinandan.