Adishwar Tele-Networks: Modeling Simplified Fiber Optic Cables for Seamless, First-Rate Connectivity

Sukhveer Chand,Chairman
Sukhveer Chand, Chairman

“A diligent hawker today can be a great tycoon tomorrow,” it was once said so rightly as to precisely reflect the tale of Adishwar Tele-Networks (ATN), a Bangalore-based company that ignited sparks of the telecom infrastructure sector in India. Established in 1996 as a manufacturer of pipes supplying to BSNL, the company thrived for long under these standards until Sukhveer Chand (Chairman) sensed a dearth and demand for resources to install fiber-optic cables in ducts. As a foreseer envisioning much potential and seizing the opportunity at the right moment, Sukhveer instigated an ingenious development of resources - a blowing-machine that performed on-par internationally, serving renowned clients like Airtel, BSNL, Reliance, Nokia and many more. At this success, the company eventually pioneered the launch and export of micro-fiber blowing machines (capacitates fiber optic cable blowing from a 4mm sized cable) and since then remains striding on a journey that heeds no turn-back.

Today, the company is well-known as a leading global manufacturer of telecom infrastructure
equipments used in building fiber-optic cable networks, offering quality products that are custom-made as per the need of the clients and country regulations. To ensure utmost quality, ATN sources different parts (engines, motors, and QSR Supplies) from relevant prime international vendors from Japan, Denmark and Italy. Despite being a global product, ATN designs them with simplicity ensuring a powerful machine which is easy to use and low on maintenance. However, besides manufacturing, the company undertakes fiber optic cable installation, working right from planning/designing cable-networks and enforcing standard engineering practices with highly-scrutinized surveys to design of cable-routes while providing effective turnkey solutions leveraging crucial preventive /corrective maintenance systems.

"Despite being a global product, ATN designs them with simplicity ensuring a powerful machine which is "

Personifying Global systems
The company thrives immensely in manufacturing flagships like Fiberjet - Fiber Optic Cable Blowing Machine, FibRod - Fiber Glass Duct Rodder (for cable pulling), Traceable Duct Rodders, HDPE duct accessories including Push-Fit Couplers, Duct Plug, Simplex Plugs, Man-hole bracket and much more. Not only the standard line of products but ATN also undertakes custom manufacturing solutions. Possessing an experience of successfully installing more than
70,000 km of fiber optic cable network within India, Africa and Middle East, ATN levels-up international marketspace with its strikingly economical price structure and excellent quality services that find home in over 35 countries, inclusive of the North & Latin American, European, Middle-East and African markets. Abiding by diverse norms of these countries, ATN strives hard to comply with multiple varying standards armed with standardized policies and customs.

ATN bears the advantage of possessing bountiful resources and adroit expertise serving almost all telecom operators including India’s power-grid and railway systems and maintenance-cum-execution projects. Moreover, with its prudence securing a huge space in the Indian market, ATN also educates clients on the know-how of following systematic procedures that precede fiber optic installation into the pipes that are generally overlooked by other contractors in the market, thereby developing effectual and cost-effective technical-structures.

Future, Set, Go
“With offices in Delhi and Ahmedabad, we plan to have branch offices in Raipur & Kolkata apart from having distributive channels in Saudi Arabia, Syria and Oman markets. We aspire to become OEM for many companies,” explaining the company blue print is Jitesh Kothari, Director, ATN. With a growth of 80 percent comparatively from last FY, further anticipating same percent growth in the coming year.