Adiroha Solutions: Preventing the Root Cause of All Cybersecurity Threats

Poojitha Nandimandalam,CEOWith each passing year, new milestones are set when it comes to cyber attacks all around the world. Businesses of all sizes, hailing from every industrial sector, are subject to cybersecurity threats and vulner abilities. The year 2020 was a record breaking year for data loss due to breeches as it saw an unprecedented rise of such cyber threats. In the face of the global Pandemic, most organizations started to employ the Work from home model. As a result, companies and individual business owners alike are facing a never before seen crisis. Today, we live in an era where most systems, machines, and IT infrastructure are well connected the need to safeguard oneself from cybersecurity threats becomes pivotal.

Besides the alarming increase in the number of cybersecurity threats, the sophisticated nature of such attacks in recent times is also quite worrying.

Established in 2017, Bangalore based Adiroha Solutions is a full fledged cybersecurity service provider that believes in analyzing the root cause of the problems for its clients before finding the best possible solution and the risk factors about future threats. The company specializes in acting as a support system for its clients and their existing go-to solutions. The team of cybersecurity and risk migration experts at Adiroha are keen and interested in constantly learning about the latest happenings in the cybersecurity space, which helps them provide the best solutions to its clients. Be it
Web Application Penetration Testing, Network Penetration Testing, Mobile Application Security, Cloud Penetration Testing, Infrastructure Penetration Testing, Threat Intelligence & Incident Response, Secure Code Development, E-discovery, and Forensics or Corporate Investigations, Adiroha Solutions comes in as a one-stop-shop for diagnosing all the cybersecurity needs. The company's core expertise lies in offering deep insights on recent cybersecurity events, employee explicit threats, as well as phishingand other digital vulnerabilities.

"We conduct clear analysis by scanning the application point by point, making them secure and market ready by hardening them against different vulnerabilities and threats", explains Poojitha Nandimandalam, CEO at Adiroha Solutions.

The company employs an innovative approach in the way it handles cybersecurity problems

The company employs an innovative approach in the way it handles cyber security problems. At Adiroha, the security measures are implemented by safeguarding the data through different encryption techniques that ensure data protection in layers into the servers and also in the system applications, or when it comes to handling multi-level security such as passwords, biometrics, to name a few. Such security measures immensely help protect client data and avoid unwanted access to work details, data, and other sensitive and confidential information.

Offering Bespoke Customizable Solutions
Over the years, Adiroha Solutions has consistently played the role of a supporting partner for its clients, providing them with constant threat detection and the necessary response required to square off assaults before hackers do actual harm to the business. In the past three years, the company has secured nearly 30 plus applications from critical vulnerabilities, saving millions of dollars of loss in the process. "Our Clients come to secure the applications which are already hacked. There are various clients who also approach us to build application from scratch using secure coding. And, we've merely scratched the surface of what's possible we intend to scale these solutions across our enterprise", reveals Poojitha.

In 2018, Adiroha Solutions successfully spread its wings into the international arena by Serving 100's of overseas clients in securing their Applications, Networks, and Digital Products. For the upcoming future, the company is keen to establish strong tie ups with several companies in the area of Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, as well as corporate training.