Accutime: Offering Integrated Logistic Services

 V V Rao,Directors

V V Rao


With the wake of nationalization and globalization, the importance of logistics industry has grown across various areas. Not limiting itself to transportation, today logistics has taken measures to drive-down costs, enhance supply chain integration and many other value added logistics services. Harnessing all these services under a name seems a herculean task successfully accomplished by very few companies. Ideally fitting into the role, Accutime provides value added logistics services under one roof. With 29 owned control units across the states of India, Accutime manage and operate across different businesses.

A Package of Diverse Services
Accutime renders on-time Full-Truck Load (FTL)transportation with end-to-end solutions starting from consolidation, pooling, vehicle selection, to load optimization and delivery to destination on PAN India. Based on customer specification of dimension & type, the company manages movement of various FTL that are GPS enabled, traceable and are insurance-covered to ensure seamless services. Accutime takes pride in the professionalism of its drivers, fleet maintenance programs, dispatch systems and tracking capabilities for which the FTL–pick up and deliveries are on schedule 99 percent of the time. “We offer our clients’ with full range of FTL On-time services with various freight options at competitive rates which differentiate
us with the other service provider,” says A Vishwanath Reddy, Director, Accutime.

The implementation of the GST, in 2017 coupled with the E-way Bill, eliminated the need to have a separate warehouse for every state which has, in turn reduced the number of Warehouses. This has brought a need for a new transportation system in the country, enabling long-haul freight movements which can cater to the increased weight and volume of the consignment from production to consumption centers. Less than Truck Load(LTL)shipping involves the transportation of larger shipments when the consignment doesn’t require the use of an entire truck. LTL shipments are moved from point to point over long distances, which reduces the transit time and increases security and safety of the freight. Accutime started India’s first & fastest Direct to Destination LTL Service. “Fast, Reliable, On-Time - We pride ourselves on the speed of our services,” says V V Rao, Director Accutime.

Accutime works on the value chain concept using a framework for examining linkages between Suppliers, Producers, Buyers, Intermediaries & End Users

Accutime works on the value chain concept using a framework for examining linkages between Suppliers, Producers, Buyers,Intermediaries& End Users. Warehouse Management is an integral part of Supply Chain Solutions which it offers. Accutime Warehousing & Distribution service is designed to support clients’ sourcing and distribution needs. From Warehouse Design to efficient
storage facilities, from automatic
data identification and data capture(AIDC) technology to an experienced team, Accutime covers all aspects of Warehouse Management to ensure productivity. As a reliable logistics service provider in India, Accutime ensure safety for clients’ valuable goods at every step as its facilities are safe for unloading /loading. It also offers value added services such as re-packing into unit size, labeling, invoicing, transportation or any other related activities as required by the customer to support their Supply Chain & Distribution needs.

A Vishwanath Reddy,Director
This ISO 9001:2015 certified company is registered as IBA approved Transporter and is part of several associations including Bombay & Delhi Goods Transport Association. Over the years, it has diversified and added various transportation solutions and logistic services on a PAN India basis. Maintaining steady growth driven by diversified end-user profile catered to various industries like Petrochemicals, Agriculture, Automobile, Apparels, Logistics, Building Products, FMCG, Retail, Infrastructure, Steel, Telecom, Packagings, Pharmaceutical, Glass, Engineering & Food Industry helps maintain stability in the business risk profile as the company does not remain significantly exposed to the vagaries of any particular industry. “We aim at facilitating Logistics services through innovative supply chains by our skilled team & efficient resources that deploy technology to offer best of satisfaction to customers, vendors and stakeholders,” concludes the duo.