A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) Private Limited: A Company With An Inherited Legacy Of Protecting Life, Assets And Environment Since Last 80+ Years

M. U. Shah,MDEngulfed by the severity of COVID-19, every country in the world is currently experiencing a surge in demand for Personal Protective Equipment consisting of body kits and face masks. Established in 1996, A.B.C. BROTHERS was promoted by ABC Group, which has goodwill of catering all over India since 1939. The founder M. U. Shah, of medical & surgical business, which has expanded by its 3rd generation into this company "A.B.C. BROTHERS".

With a motive to be an integral part of the drive for protecting people, property and nature A.B.C. BROTHERS has been instrumental in promoting the empowerment of `Safety Awareness' from natural calamities to domestic hazards along with specific training programs amongst mankind under the guidance of U.S. Shah. A.B.C. BROTHERS (Safety Solutions) now A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) Private Limited has been maintaining credibility as the most respected name in the field of safety products manufacturing, developing, Imports and Exports for protecting people, assets and environment.

A History worth Remembering
Carrying the tales filled with commitment and persistence, the inception of A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) traces back to the business of medical, surgical and healthcare products in the year 1939 at then Calcutta. There after the company shifted to then Bombay and then to Ahmedabad in 1953to be an integral part to drive protection for People, Assets & Environment. It works with the mission to empower "Safety Awareness" amongst mankind.

A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) aims to maintain credibility as a "Most Trusted" company for quality solutions for customer, like customized solutions for encountered hazards by users, through HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment), OSHA's Standards, NFPA 70 & 70E Guidelines, ASTM, ISO as international standards and BIS, CEA regulations. Uday Shah (Director) and Mona U. Shah (M.D.) provided directions to Team ABC. It is committed to EHS & Fire solutions and newly innovated and latest standards applicable in international market with the principal of - Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and Accountability & Growth.

The new edge of protecting people, assets and environment from A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I)is going through deep exercise with high end technological solutions with international innovations like / for Confined space entry - rescue programs and devices, DSPA- Aerosol generators ­ Automatic non-pressurized, nontoxic fires suppression systems to protect key assets of company, Fix and Portable gas detections according site hazards potentials, Electrical Safety program and electrical safety devices & hazardous energy control program according to NFPA 70E, OSHA's and CEA regulations (INDIA), permanent engineered system for work at
height, Logistic related safety equipment like barriers, pedestrian walk ways, valued assets protection through new edge of products, primary and secondary spill control programs, and many more.

Contribution to the Society
By taking care of especially of pharmaceuticals industries for solutions regarding PPEs and Clean-room (Class 10,000 to Class 100 areas) through different kind of PPEs and equipment, by Virag Shah (Product Head), the company is also involved in bulk imports process for the consumable PPEs, and contributing to the societal development.

U.S Shah, Director

Paresh Shah, Business Head, says, "We take care of most customized solutions part where hazards encountered by customers from different field like Ports / Terminals, Engineering / Automotive, Power / Energy / distribution lines, Process / FMCG, Logistics, IT / Telecommunications fire departments of Govt. sectors and private sectors and many more." Paresh is also fully involved with training of Team ABC and direct users at customer sites, and takes care of service team of ABC for installations, commissioning, after sales services like AMC (annual maintenance contracts), on site or online/virtual training programs for the customers.

A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I), having extra ordinary infrastructure known as A.B.C. House in prime / strategic location of Ahmedabad, where altogether team ABC provides committed solutions and services through fully motivated team working for ABC as best organization to work for. The different departments ­ like direct / front face for customers ­ Team of Executives, Sales support / Coordinators, Operations, Procurement, Support team, Import / Export team, Dispatch team with A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) owned fleet of vehicles, Accounts and Service departments are the mainstream ones.

The new edge of protecting people, assets and environment from A.B.C. Brothers tech (i) is going through deep exercise with high end technological solutions with international innovations like / for confined space entry

Although India is yet to make an impression across the world in comparison to many other international brands in the field of protective equipment, U.S. Shah is confident that A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I)will play a key role in leading our country to a global manufacturing hub of PPE products. Started as a one-man show to a current army of 20 people, A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) is hopeful of expansion to a minimum of 500 people team within a decade by providing maximum employment opportunity. Associated with the National Safety Councils, Safety Appliances Manufacturer Association, Fire Safety Association of India, Gujarat Safety Council, A.B.C. Brothers Tech (I) is cooperating and catering to all these organizations by creating more awareness for safety.