Aarshvi Security Systems: Leveraging Automation to Reinvent the Customer's Parking Experience

 Pankaj Trivedi & Janki Trivedi,   DirectorsThe market for smart parking in India is projected to generate $315.5 million in 2022 and $534.28 million by 2027, increasing at a CAGR of 11.11 percent. Increased need for parking management solutions, increases in traffic congestion, rising vehicle adoption rates around the global developments in machine-to-machine communication technology, efficient traffic management systems, and rising demand for fully automated parking systems (APS) will all contribute to the market's expansion. However, the primary barrier to market expansion throughout the projection period is a lack of knowledge about the advantages of smart parking.

Aarshvi Security Systems was founded in 1979 by Pankaj Trivedi (Director) and Janki Trivedi(Director) with the long term goal of offering customers the best and most customized parking solutions and services, as per their requirements. Aarshvi Security Systems has the best products and staff in the industry, which enables it to have a strong market presence and provide end-to-end tailored solutions to BFSI, NBFC, corporate, retail, and other industries. "We are setting the standard for delivering tested, completely integrated, end-to-end solutions, which has transformed the entire parking experience", speaks Pankaj. The firm utilizes the strengths of mobile, IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and business intelligence tools to benefit its parking operator partners and parking facility owners.

Aarshvi Security Systems offers customers customized electronic security solutions, automation, fire alarm system, and parking solution with the help of a strong and experienced team with more than 15 years of experience in the industry. Some of the other services offered by the firm include completely automated hydraulic parking solutions, vehicle counts, number plate base smart verification, auto scanning, under-vehicle scanning, public place ticketing, tagging, boom barriers, and online customer help for complaints. The customer wants the ideal solution, but they face a lot of misunderstanding and confusion regarding product selection, after sale service, comprehension of solutions, commercials, and conclusion, which is why they approach the firm. "We as the team give them end-to-end support and assistance from design solutions, site visit, modification onsite, choosing products, installation support, operation assistance, after sales support, maintaining products, other supporting hardware, and more", says Pankaj.

We are setting the standard for delivering tested, completely integrated, end-to-end solutions, which has transformed the entire parking experience

Customer-centric marketing approach, industry specific solutions, assistance from the Techno Commercial team in selecting the best options, presence of the goods in many Indian states, ability to supply small to large scale solutions, and an international service network are some of the aspects that set Aarshvi Security Systems apart from the other players in the industry. The firm's Design & Technical Team is highly skilled and capable of offering the best in call solutions, assisting customers in selecting the appropriate products per their needs, providing highscale service across India, having a methodical approach to clients, and meeting deadlines. "The significance of parking solution providers nowadays for commercial, public, and residential spaces is strong in terms of security automation to prevent human mistakes and loopholes, improved and efficient parking space usage, and a major role in maintaining simple and effective parking administration” speaks Janki.

The firm strongly believes that horizontal expansion can be achieved with the support of devoted clients all over the world, and the firm's efforts to continually update its tools, designs, and solutions to better serve customers' needs. "We are aiming to launch an overseas branch operation in the near future to better serve our clients throughout the world as soon as we can", signs off Janki.