Aanchal Techno Solutions: ATS Test Lab NABL accredited for All types for Environmental Testing Services

Anand Kumar S,CEOThe Global Environmental Testing Laboratory Market is projected to reach 2.9 billion by 2023 from USD 2.1 billion in 2018 at a CAGR of 7.1 percent. India too, is a fair contributor to this market. Bengaluru and Coimbatore based Aanchal Techno Solutions (ATS Test Lab) NABL accredited is an independent company offering high quality technical services are provided in the disciplines of Thermal Shock Tests, Vibration Tests, Environmental Test, Temperature Testing, Humidity Testing, Hot & Cold Testing, Compression Testing, weather testing, Cyclic Corrosion Testing and telecommunication devices Testing and other testing methods.

ATS Test Lab has an NABL accredited Environmental Test Lab, incorporated on 2004 with a vision committed to provide the highest quality of services in Environment Testing Services in India and Abroad. The company is in the process of building a world class infrastructure step by step with the Environmental Test Facilities. ATS Test Lab has added value to its Partners and Customers through a Comprehensive portfolio of testing.

The firm is recognized in the industry based on the quality of deliverables, competitive cost and on time delivery. Aanchal Techno Solutions ­ATS Test Lab' deep knowledge in product testing bestows a unique niche upon the firm to help and educate some of its customers with safety, regulatory and product reliability standard.
Elaborating on the environmental testing requirements, Anand Kumar Subramaniam, the CEO of Aanchal Techno Solutions - ATS Test Lab says, "The need for Environmental Testing, and the particular nature and performance limits of the tests to be performed, should be clearly established during the project's concept phase. Certain tests can become key design drivers for the entire period; at the very least, you must know environmental requirements, such as operating and storage temperature ranges for proper electronic component selection, Mechanical Shock, Vibration, Dust, Humidity, Drop, Immersion and similar requirements introduce significant complications to what otherwise might be a modest mechanical design effort, and they likewise must be known at the very beginning of the design effort".

He clarifies that in certain cases, unique attributes of the anticipated product deployment environment will give rise to unique test requirements. Testing to unusual, but very real, design requirements can be substantial design and fabrication burden in its own right. Most Environmental Test requirements, however, are well known and common to most projects. At a bare minimum, electric equipment should be tested to verify the ability to meet operating and storage thermal limits; Vibration, Mechanical Shock & Drop are commonly specified mechanical requirements.

More so, Test limits will be determined by the design team in accordance with anticipated circumstances of use, storage & shipment. Most test procedures however will be found in either a governing test document prepared by customer or specification. Setting group or by reference to any of several well-known military standards that concern themselves with environmental testing. There are certain to be equivalent IEC & other standards worldwide.

ATS Test Lab facilities can simulate either single or multiple environmental conditions simultaneously. This NABL accredited Lab cover the extremes of temperature, humidity, temperature cycling, solar heating, vibration with climatic and corrosive atmosphere, which are continuously monitored by independent systems logging - controlled data collection systems. Vibration shakers produce a range of profiles including large displacement of 90mm, sinusoidal, random, sine on random with climatic conditions, which are controlled and monitored by state of the art equipment and software.

In 2018 ATS Test Lab has setup the Mobile Phone Testing Lab for Jio Mobile and set top box. As an ISO 9001-2015 and NABL: ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 certified organization, Aanchal Techno Solutions aims to provide one stop solutions including fixtures that assist manufacturers in maximizing revenues by acquiring new customers and managing existing customers relationships effectively.