3DES: Spearheading the Growth of 3D Printing Industry

 Bhargav Akella,   FounderThe global 3D printing market is on an upward trajectory, projected to grow at a compelling CAGR of more than 14 percent till 2028. This remarkable expansion of 3D printing services is underpinned by a host of influential factors. The technology has firmly established its presence across diverse industries, driving innovation, cost-efficiency, and design flexibility. As 3D printing technologies continue to advance, the scope of its applications broadens. From rapid prototyping and intricate customization to the production of end-use parts, 3D printing has penetrated several sectors, including aerospace, healthcare, automotive, and more.

While challenges like material limitations and quality control persist, the industry's relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability keeps it on a growth trajectory. In the coming years, the 3D printing landscape promises transformative changes that will shape the future of manufacturing and design. Staying ahead of the curve, 3D Designing and Services(3DES) an adept 3D modeling and printing service provider, is emerging as a leader, prioritizing supreme quality in every product. 3DES' values revolve around delivering high-resolution 3D models using precision printing equipment, employing top-tier materials, and conducting thorough post-processing, prototyping, and testing.

Delivering Quality
3DES provides comprehensive 3D printing services, delivering prototypes or the final product as per the customer's requirements. The firm handles pre processing, and post-processing, and ensures the finished product meets expectations. Additionally, 3DES offers 3D design services, converting doodles to 2D drawings and transforming 2D into precise 3D models.
3DES is spearheaded by proficient product designers excelling in CAD software and rendering tools. The core process involves transforming customer concepts into technical sketches, and further into precise 3D models. These models are then rendered to present a realistic preview to the customer before being 3D printed. 3DES consistently strives for growth and creativity, expanding its portfolio weekly to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

In crafting its distinctive models, 3DES employs materials predominantly including PLA and ABS, complemented by options like PET-G, TPU, Wood-Filled, and Metal Filled PLA. The paramount objective is to guarantee top-notch products, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction with every creation.

3DES has a clear cut mission to assist customers in materializing their ideas into prototypes. The company operates with an eco-conscious approach, resolving modeling challenges and de livering top-notch prototypes while ensuring value for money at competitive pricing, with unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction extending to ensuring timely delivery, impeccable customer service, and seamless communication.

“We are committed to translating ideas into reality within specified timelines and reasonable costs. We have FDM printers as our fleet of machines, but when it comes to designing the products, our in-house designer uses a varied range of software to achieve what the customer needs”, shares Bhargav Akella, Founder.

We Are Committed To Translating Ideas Into Reality Within Specified Timelines & Reasonable Costs

Future Roadmap
In its forward trajectory, 3DES envisions an expansive future. The company is steadfast in amplifying its 3D printing capabilities by diversifying its fleet of printers, strategically targeting a multitude of sectors. Emphasis is placed on utilizing an array of materials to meet varied industry demands. Simultaneously, 3DES is committed to broadening its global footprint, actively seeking opportunities in different markets. The ultimate objective of the firm is to evolve into a comprehensive solution, a singular destination catering to a spectrum of prototyping needs, seamlessly integrating innovation and accessibility to drive the industry forward.

The company's vision is to evolve into a pioneering prototyping entity, facilitating rapid 3D model prototyping and comprehensive error analysis for actual manufacturing across industries. 3DES is poised for a future that extends beyond 3D printing, encompassing a versatile array of materials such as concrete, resin, PoP, clay modeling, and more, offering a multifaceted platform to fulfill customer requirements.