360 Bytes: Enhancing Responsive Architecture for Realistic Web Experience through Customized IT Solutions

Dr. Tejinder Singh,FounderIn today’s mobile-first world, the momentum of site optimization has become critical. The connectivity of a business enterprise in the digital world is assessed through its web experience. Enhancing the flexibility of these websites, 360 Bytes develops creative responsive design platform for its clients that allows the websites to bend, flex and expand apace with the crowd that approaches it. 360 Bytes is a fully owned platform of 360 Nautica which is a venture and a growth capital platform established in 2016 by Dr. Tejinder Singh (Founder), Aarti Mahajan (COO) & Manik Kinra (Co-Founder).

Prioritizing Customer’s Comfort
Empowering entrepreneurs to grow from idea stage to self-sustainable organization, the platform provides a unique 360° viewing experience of customers’ requirement through analytics and BI, which would help them better understand their business needs than ever before. Dr. Tejinder explains, “We provide technology solutions and enterprise mobility platform that are highly integrated, scalable, modular and powerful enough to boost customer business and fine-tune operations”. 360 Bytes also ensures ‘state-of-the-art’
product delivery for IT enablement that connects every digital communication element from website, social media presence, ticketing, retail product, real estate to online directories, and helps manage them.

Upgrading abreast with the customers’ requirements, 360 Bytes’ well-defined modular approach for customization empowers clients to indirectly modify objects created in Base Development mode

Fostering originality & workflow into business models, the company helps clients select suitable technical tools for the integration of futuristic enhancements. But what sets 360 Bytes apart from the competition is its genuine care for its customers’ need and capability to provide cost effective solutions, best-in-class 24x7 support &maximum comfort to every customer and the practice of hand holding them during & post-implementation, thus endowing them with confidence and perfection.

The growth of social network and app based connectivity has marked a significant shift in the adaptability and variability of websites that gradually emphasizes on the need for innovation and transitions. Upgrading abreast with the customers’ requirements, 360 Bytes’ well- defined modular approach for customization empowers clients to indirectly
modify objects created in Base Development mode. Since modification is achieved by creating overlays for the object, these modifications won’t be lost during application /server upgradation.

Excelling in customized software development, mobile app development and integration services, 360 Bytes also offers services under the verticals of social media, education, retail, real estate, FinTech and health & fitness. this Bangalore-based company with offices in Singapore, Doha, Muscat & Dubai, shares valuable experience with its clients worldwide, including Q Tickets, @ Pik, Qatar Day, Penalty Kick, Nandos & Purvankara amongst afew.

Ingenuity & Technical Requisites
Adding to the essence of creativity, 360 Bytes designers are enriched with rich experience of building good content and easy navigation with primary focus to bring about a well-designed website. The team believes in building a compelling yet credible site that generates extra revenue and grabs attention of more customers. Besides utilizing SaaS/PaaS and IaaS cloud software, the company also leverages latest technologies, technical frameworks of Microsoft & SDLC life cycle and Agile Scrum methodologies to deliver clean, bug free, compelling web experiences. The company is currently concocting 360 Bytes Workplace – an innovative solution that would undoubtedly hold up the success streak of its other brain children such as 360 Ticketing Platform, 360 Wi-Fi and 360 Food Court among others.