Quercus Space: Offering Environment Friendly Retail Store Design Services

 Sandeep Mukherjee,  FounderDespite the ongoing digital revolution, the retail industry has retained its charm and continues showing a growth today. Currently, India is the world’s fifth largest global destination in the retail space. As per Kearney Research, the Indian retail industry which was worth $779 billion in 2019 is expected to amount to $1,407 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of nine percent during the forecast period. As a result, many e-Commerce businesses too are showing profound interest in owning a retail store of their own, thus raising the demand for retail space design services.

Quercus Space is one among those companies that is offering high quality retail store design services with attention to detail and precision in every step. Founded in 2018 by Sandeep Mukherjee, the company has vast experience in designing and building spaces mainly for the Retail and Hospitality industry. Boasting an efficient team of architects and designers from elite institution such as NID and CEPT, Quercus Space’s other areas of specialization includes Furniture Design & Development & Interior Architecture, to name few.

“We are a design and build company involved in the areas of timber construction and interiors. We majorly work on hospitality projects with a complete master plan keeping in mind even the minutest details of the projects. Apart from high tech timber usage, we also specialize in design and execution of

high end homes. Our vision is be the first Indian company to build completely green spaces with empathy for the planet, and we do this with great sensitivity and aesthetics”, says Sandeep.

When the job is complicated and others do not have solutions, we are the go-to team that our clients come to

Keeping environmental conservation as paramount Quercus Space is on a mission to propagate, educate, build and deliver high quality customized solutions which are health friendly, non-polluting and save energy for its clients. The company has embodied a 100 percent green environment in its functions, wherein all the materials used are sustainably grown and sourced. To ensure efficient execution and timely delivery of its projects, Quercus has the latest technologies in place and considers using Glulam and CLT in the construction process as its key strength.

“Our key approach to our work is ‘Simplicity’. To simplify things is difficult while to complicate it is very easy. We believe that ‘Form Follows Function’ and not the other way around. So, we start with the need and weave our philosophy and aesthetics into it. This never fails. When the job is complicated and others do not have solutions, we are the go to team that our clients come to”, adds Sandeep.

Once, a hospitality company approached Quercus to get the interiors of its 2,500 seater convention hall done, wherein the concept was already done by its international architect. However, they had failed to execute the project due to its complex nature, where the design involved paneling the hall interiors that comprised complex curves with wood. Finally, the company heard about Quercus Space and approached them to do the project. While the closest competitor was a Turkish company who offered to offered to resolve the problem using aluminum with a plastic foil wrapping, Quercus not only completed the paneling with acoustic privacy using natural timber, but also did so at just one fifth of the amount proposed by the Turkish company that too in just 51 days!

“We also offer premium services such as customized design, detailed design, and factory finish with hand crafted elements. Going forward, we aspire to be the first choice for people interested in setting up green environments from start to end. We intend to bring hightech manufacturing for these kinds of buildings to India and offer end-to-end solutions for that”, concludes Sandeep.