JR Compliance: A Reliable Compliance Service Provider

  Rishikesh Mishra,       CEOWith the regulatory environment changing at a rapid pace, organizations of all industries are finding it challenging to keep themselves up-to-date with the compliance requirements. In the manufacturing industry, meeting regulatory compliance has become a major milestone as it helps manufacturers to maintain product quality, efficiency, safety and avoid devastating repercussions. Manufacturers need to have a good knowledge about compliance requirements and documentation, profound understanding of the market, and need highly-experienced expertise. As most of the organizations lack necessary knowledge, skills, resources as well as industry exposure and expertise, they look for a dynamic partner who could help them align with the market and regulatory requirements of different regions.

This is precisely where JR Compliance brings to bear their expertise. Based in New Delhi, JR Compliance simplifies the life of manufacturers when it comes to managing regulatory and certification processes.

Established in 2013, from working in a small cabin providing BIS certification services to providing 200+ compliance services worldwide (from USA to Europe), JR Compliance has come a long way in achieving success from time to time. “Our goal is not merely to provide top-notch compliance services, but it is to ensure conformance with compliance requirements worldwide to ensure safety of final consumers,” begins Rishikesh Mishra, CEO of JR Compliance.

JR Compliance delivers its services in two folds: Indian Compliance Services and Global Compliance Services. When it comes to Indian Compliance Services, it basically includes technical compliance and corporate compliance. Technical compliance basically
deals with certification and testing aspects of a product, say BIS certification, WPC certification, AERB approval, EPR authorization, LMPC certification, ARAI certification, TEC certification, and more.

However, the latter one (corporate compliance) includes registration of distinct companies/firms, pvt ltd, public limited company, partnership firm, LLP, OPC, and other forms of company/firms. Corporate compliance does not include certification, testing, and inspection, but it is done on the basis of document submission.

Under Global Compliance Services, they provide compliance services such as FCC certification for the USA, CCC for China, EAC for Europe, BSMI for Taiwan, NOM for Mexico,RAM for Argentina and other global certifications. Recently, the company has expanded its scope of work from 50+ countries to 145+ countries.

JR Compliance goal is not only to provide top-notch compliance services, but also to ensure conformance with compliance requirements worldwide to ensure safety of final consumers

The firm’s forte lies in their dedicated team of experts that have profound operational experience in regulation and compliance space. “Our team of highly skilled professionals has practical experience with all the leading technology systems and software associated with compliance management,” states Rishikesh Mishra.

As part of their customer engagement process, the company understands its clients’ requirements and challenges properly. They conduct a thorough product research for a better understanding of applicable specifications on a product. With that, the team also provides assistance by conducting a pre-product analysis, virtual and manual inspection to ensure that the certification process goes smoothly, without any inaccuracies. These experts also educate its clients regarding local laws and regulations of a country. Be it entering the Indian market or foreign market or complying with a complicated regulation, the company’s experts are abreast with required information through proper coordination with ministries and departments to guide its clients. All of the company’s services are offered at reasonable expense and under the guidance of experts and government authorities.

By offering unparalleled services, JR Compliance aims to become #1 global compliance service provider. Along with that, to make certification and testing seamless, the company is also coordinating with 100+ laboratories at Indian and global level, considering that product is a crucial aspect of several certifications. “For the near future, we are planning to increase our scope of business and coordination. We are keen to go for Main Board IPO, through emphasizing on globalization, generation of employment opportunities in distinct countries with minimum employment,” concludes Rishikesh.