Blackstone Shipping : Comprehensive Logistics Solutions Carefully Designed To Efficiently Manage Your Supply Chain

Chandrasekar R., CEO & Arun Prakash, Promoter & Director, Alex, Director- Customer Success (India) & Shrikant, Director-Customer Acquisition (India)

Chandrasekar R., CEO & Arun Prakash, Promoter & Director

Alex, Director- Customer Success (India) & Shrikant, Director-Customer Acquisition (India)

The global logistics market was valued at $7,641.20 billion in 2017 and is projected to reach $12,975.64 billion by 2027, registering a 6.5 percent CAGR from 2020 to 2027. The growing e-Commerce industry, coupled with the rise in reverse logistics operations and trade-related agreements, is fueling the market growth. In addition, the rise of tech-driven logistics services and the growing adoption of IoT-enabled connected devices are also expected to drive market growth. NVOs (Non-Vessel Operating) have a significant role in the logistics industry, as one of the central players in the carriage of goods, by sea, among other service providers, i.e., Mainline Operators or Freight Forwarders. Established in 2019, Blackstone Shipping is a Third Party Logistics (3PL)/supply chain management company headquartered in Belgium, boasting a presence in nine countries with 20 offices.

The Indian maritime freight business has suffered a massive setback due to COVID, and NVOCC is no exception. However, the industry’s shift towards automation and digitization like AI, IoT, and cloud computing in the operational line will be the key driving factor that will revive the NVOCC from its current allied state. Logistic services are becoming highly vital to price-sensitive customers who require a wider choice of high-quality products with timely delivery. In the existing business structure, transparency is turning out to be the key for the NVOCC players.
Blackstone Shipping is agile to adapt to market changes; with modern tech, transparency, and accountability, it is providing the best solutions to customers across the globe at the earliest. Blackstone Shipping’s value propositions challenge and directly address the pain points of its customers. All the actions from competitive rates, 24x7 service, transparency, and visibility of the shipments or knowledge sharing are focused towards customer success.

“With deep ground-level expertise and usage of cuttingedge technology, Blackstone Shipping offers customized solutions for all shipping challenges”, speaks Chandrasekar R., CEO, Blackstone Shipping.

Offering Tailored Logistic Services
Blackstone Shipping offers global logistics excellence through rich industry expertise, best-in-class customer service, and leading-edge technology. The group handles transportation in all forms, whether air, sea, or land, and incorporates services including freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehouse management, trucking, fumigation, agency, and other allied services.

The company offers logistics services integrated with seamless realtime data flow powered by disruptive digital technologies, focusing on customer success. “With the current market scenario of commoditization of freight rates, Blackstone Shipping offers itself as a Logistics Integrator rather than a freight broker”, says Arun Prakash, Promoter & Director, Blackstone Shipping.

Blackstone Shipping has a multi-disciplined, diversely talented workforce of 200+ dedicated professionals across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. “Blackstone Shipping is one of the few SME freight forwarding companies (globally) to focus on sustainability. As a proud global member of the Clean Cargo Work Group, Blackstone Shipping measures and advises its clients of the Net Carbon Footprint of each shipment and provides solutions to move beyond CO2 measurement and towards CO2 planning and avoidance”, shares Shrikant, Director (India) Customer Acquisition, Blackstone Shipping.

The company has won the Freight forwarder of the year award for the Tuticorin region in Southeast CEO Conclave’22 and the Business Excellence Award for the Best Freight Forwarders (Volume) by the All – India Chamber of Commerce and Industries. Blackstone Shipping is evolving to be a leading player in the global logistics arena with full-stack digitization, combined with profound professional knowledge in logistics and supply chain.

“As a purpose-driven organization, preserving the core ideology and stimulating progress fuels the engine of Blackstone Shipping", concludes Alex, Director (India), Customer Success, Blackstone Shipping.