Antares Vision: Undisputed leader in Global Track and Trace

Shaunak J. Dave,  CEO & Managing Director

Shaunak J. Dave

CEO & Managing Director

Counterfeiting is a worldwide and international problem. Healthcare, i.e., pharmaceuticals are the most impacted among the vital industries. The global anti-counterfeiting packaging market size was valued at $104.5 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $189.9 billion by 2026. Counterfeit medications are one of today's most profitable industries. As supply chain transparency has become a significant concern for brand owners, track and trace solutions are among the best performing technical areas. Track and trace technologies protect brand integrity. It allows retailers, distributors, and even end users to validate the authenticity of products.

Antares Vision Group is an innovation enabler with the power of technology to improve quality of life, with 31 company locations and over 1000 workers worldwide. Antares Vision Group is an undisputed leader company in Global Track and Trace across the world Pharma industry, and the only one offering the full stack of traceability and serialization solutions from machines(L1) to Enterprise level and the solution for national authorities (L5) including a complete solution of Hardware, Software, and Knowledge of Pharma Regulations.

It is the largest technology hub serving multiple industries and is ideally positioned to offer an E2E Supply Chain Solution and Smart Digital Factory Solution to ensure safety and quality, efficiency, sustainability, and trust. Antares Vision Group recognizes each company's requirements and becomes a Value partner. They provide the best of breed technologies in track and trace solutions, as well as standard anti-
counterfeiting choices for quick and cost-effective deployment and tailor made solutions based on their client's specific needs.

Antares Vision Group is always looking for technologically innovative solutions. R& D and innovation are crucial success elements for their growth. Antares Vision Group employs 28 percent of its personnel in Europe, where it has three research and innovation facilities. Their most recent inspection solutions are built on artificial intelligence and traceability technology applying Blockchain, Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence too. Through their unique Digital Factory, they assist their clients in more effectively unlocking data for maximized efficiency in the production process, ensuring quality and safety for the end-to-end supply chain transparency management.

To accelerate technology innovation & digitalization by connecting the physical & digital world with the integrated value chain, empowering our customers to protect products, profit, people and planet

“The company's recent growth enables them to provide the most comprehensive ecosystem of solutions and technologies­ hardware and software for the digitization of products and supply chains” says Shaunak J. Dave, CEO & Managing Director at Antares Vision. He possesses a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a postgraduate degree in business management, with 20+ years of learning experience in a worldwide business environment in sectors such as engineering, laser material processing, defense, aerospace, and the pharmaceutical industry. His passion is to promote sustainability and develop young leaders for the next generation who will be dedicated to creating a better society where everyone is happy healthy and prosperous.

The Antares Vision Group's strong vision is based on accelerating technology innovation and digitalization by connecting the physical and digital worlds with the integrated value chain empowering their customers to protect products, profit, people and planet. Antares Vision Group is ideally positioned to provide a comprehensive technology spectrum of Inspection, Traceability, Authentication, Data Management and NATIV. Their AI provides values such as quality, safety, efficiency sustainability, and building to their clients all around the world.

According to Antares Vision Group, India is a crucial and forward thinking market. In the next five years, they want to be the number single or multiple two player across the segment they serve in a variety of industry verticals. Over the previous two years, they have risen at an exponential rate in India. In India, hundreds of inspection equipment, as well as more than 120 track and trace lines, are now in use in both the pharmaceutical and nonpharma industries. The platform is about to make a significant step forward.