L&T Technology Services plans to train 1,000 engineers on AWS to development (SDVs)

L&T Technology Services (LTTS) plans to train 1,000 engineers worldwide with essential cloud skills and applications, including Amazon CodeWhisperer, by March 2024. This training will enable them to quickly develop software-defined vehicle (SDV) software and applications. LTTS uses Amazon CodeWhisperer as the preferred development environment for engineering teams to help vehicle manufacturers worldwide accelerate SDV development. Amazon CodeWhisperer uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered code recommendations in real-time to assist LTTS engineers in rapidly developing smart applications such as driver warnings, automated braking, and steering functions that enhance a vehicle’s road performance.

LTTS has announced that fleet managers, maintenance staff, and other stakeholders will now be able to access car details via large language models (LLMs) built on AWS. The company stated that it leverages AWS to help vehicle manufacturers worldwide expedite the development of next-generation SDVs with tailored safety and security solutions, encompassing the digital cockpit, connected services, and autonomous driving.

LTTS has announced that it has reduced the time taken to launch new products by 25% with the use of virtual workbenches on AWS. This has allowed them to develop and test new software for vehicle electronic control units (ECUs), which are responsible for controlling a car's operation. Alind Saxena, President of Sales and Whole Time Director at LTTS, the company is committed to revolutionizing the way we drive by embracing the power of AI and cloud computing. As part of this effort, LTTS plans to train 1,000 engineers on generative AI with AWS by March 2024. This will ensure that the future of mobility is shaped by the brightest minds and the most cutting-edge technology.

Vaishali Kasture, Director (Commercial Sales) of Amazon Web Services India Pvt. Ltd. stated that cloud technologies, including artificial intelligence, are accelerating the modernization of India's automotive sector. She further added that Amazon Web Services India is excited to assist innovators such as LTTS in unlocking the full potential of cloud and generative AI to drive industry innovation with a digitally skilled workforce.