How Business World Can Cooperate For Better Transport

Everyone likes to drive without troubling their own vehicle and not harming others. There are several times when people are not attuned to attention while driving as by conversing in the phone or listing to music. These are troubling times. An ever important public health issue is Road Traffic Accidents (RTAs), which have become the most talked about. It is necessary to tackle a road accident with a multi disciplinary approach. The recent news of RTA injuries and fatal causes has become an alarming concern in countries such as India. A plethora of fatal and disabling road accidents are happening, which is increasing every day and is a real public health challenge for all the governing agencies to prevent road accidents. An approach to implementing the rules and regulations is available to prevent road accidents, which often needs to be more effective and half hearted. Awareness sounds are rising, and strict implementation of traffic rules amalgamated with scientific engineering measures are the need of the hour to prevent health catastrophe for the general public.

Business World for Transport
When the corporate world interferes with the world of transport, the leaders try to find the causes and remove those. Between the fast progress of the urban locations, road safety in India has been neglected, which has been a concern. The authorities are implementing new traffic policies and awareness programmes for road safety and traffic issues, and it has been a topic of discussion for the longest time as of now. How much impact it does on any Indian citizen still remains a question. There is a gap in the infrastructure of the public which is a serious concern that leads to the condition of dangerous confusion while driving. According to expert data mentioned by the Road Transport Ministry of India, almost 10,876 accidents were reported the previous year that was caused because of potholes or bad roads in the country. The stats are approximate as most of the cases get settled outside the court of law, and there is no in detail investigation which led to road accidents.

The authorities are implementing new traffic policies and awareness programmes for road safety and traffic issues, and it has been a topic of discussion for the longest time as of now

Following are the Measures for Prevention of Road Accidents
Vehicles that are well-maintained with proper working breaks, lighting, and tires will reduce accidents and cars which are older and most polluting should be phased out. Vehicles should be installed with seat belts and other necessary safety provisions like airbags. There is a need for maintaining Road Conditions that are on the frequent radar of the supervision and can be relied on with road surfaces and markings of road safety signs.Proper footpaths for pedestrians and pedestrian crossings at intersections should be provided. There should be separate lanes for slow moving and fast moving vehicles and there should be good visibility and roads and junctions should be wide.

Human instinct factors work a lot in the prevention of road accidents. There should be regular guidance and checks of drivers for significant reduction of accidents. Issuance of the driving license should be completed strictly by the designated driving schools. There should be a fixed minimum qualification for different categories. There should be valid driving licenses issued to all drivers and drivers should be trained with proper instructions. The drivers and traveling public should be aware of all the traffic rules. Drivers should be granted with regular medical checkups of vision and hearing and drivers and the general public should be given proper first aid training, which is compulsory for the prevention of accidents. Drivers should avoid unnecessary honking except during dire emergencies. Rules are the most important thing to be kept in mind while driving.

There should be compulsory rules for wearing helmets for two wheelers and seat belts for four wheelers must be implemented. The concerned authorities should be strict about enforcing traffic rules. There is a smooth flow of traffic to be maintained for the removal of stray animals such as cattle. For free traffic flow, there is a need to prevent haphazard parking of vehicles on busy roads and intersections. People nowadays have the worst habit of talking in cell phone while driving and it has increased much in the few years. Drivers should keep a cell phone only for emergency purposes and while talking they should need to pull over to a halt side of the road. It is recommended to check for vehicles that have high safety ratings.

There is a risk of the fatal crash which is three-times higher at night than in the day for every mile driven. It is suggested to avoid night time driving until the driver sets driving skills for a day time drive. While there is the minimum supervised driving experience, people should avoid fast-moving, high volumes of traffic which can make them uncomfortable. Instead, people should become good drivers and learn enough to get skills of a supervised driver. Drivers that are termed supervised have the skills to drive in poor weather. There are accidents that happen without any cause only because of a driver’s fault that does not have the attitude and maturity or skills or knowledge. People should make a commitment to themselves of practicing with responsibility and stick to a firm schedule. Even during those schedules, people should wear the safety belt. The most important of all is to provide adequate treatment to the victims of accidents and save them from injuries. The provisions of medical care and first aid care facilities should be available on highways and busy roads. There should be provision of ambulances, trained health personnel in shifting and transporting injured person to nearest hospitals and awareness should be created for treating victims with sympathy and their trauma should be removed.

An issuing authority that governs the transport sector cannot be blamed alone for the poor road conditions and the most important factor for an engineer to maintain a good road is the bad drainage system that leads to flooding and stagnant water on roads. It helps in turning the road and making it difficult to do any sort of repairs on the road. There are vehicles which are over loaded and make it impossible to carry out the repair works. Leads to bad drainage system, there is illegal construction of building that has no proper sewage plants. Every factor mentioned complements the undisciplined behavior of individuals on the road, causing accidents.