Computer Factory India: A Case with Nordex's Digital Transformation

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Computer Factory India has been designing, implementing and managing comprehensive IT solutions including Networking, Hardware, Software, Security and Telecom with 2500 successful projects for over 500 clients. Computer Factory takes a consulting approach to customer's problems. However, Computer Factory differs from pure play consulting companies by actually implementing the proposed solution and managing the same through it's life cycle. Since 1989, Computer Factory India has been assisting and offering IT support solutions to a diverse set of industries.
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Over the years of its 100 percent result oriented journey, Computer Factory met with a plethora of diverse challenges. Every challenge was addressed with sheer ingenuity and the zeal to satisfy the clients. In one of its ventures with a Germany based multinational with established processes Nordex, Computer Factory was given the mandate to handle implementation and on-going maintenance of Nordex's IT setup in India.

With the digital transformation taking a toll on modern businesses that are hesitant to digitize, change of mindset and the technical issues are the two obvious bottlenecks. However, in this case mindset was not so much of an issue as the technical hindrances. This is because Nordex was already cloud enabled. Nordex wanted to change India Setup from existing client server environment to a cloud based system. They were looking for a partner well versed in digital transformation some one who can understand their strategies, policies and practices so that the new system is aligned with Nordex's German Infra. More so, adding to the problem statement, it was necessary to
establish robust connectivity between Germany HO and Bangalore office.

Why Computer Factory?
Computer Factory is uniquely positioned with expertise spanning across multiple domains. For Lease Line, Computer Factory has been in business since 2007 and has a strong partnership with Tata Teleservices. As for the Secured VPN, Computer Factory enjoys a premium partnership with Fortinet. Likewise, adding to its portfolio of important brand partnerships, Computer Factory has partnership with HP/Aruba for over two decades for its LAN services; long relationship with net gear for its Storage needs; and long association with Dell pertaining to the server requirements.

Computer factory is uniquely positioned with expertise spanning across multiple domains

Most importantly, Computer Factory's own trained engineers could inspire confidence and complete the implementation well within the committed time. Therefore, Nordex realized that there couldn't be a better entity to resolve their infrastructure challenges and approached Computer Factory. The service provider understood Nordex's queries, analysed and presented the best suited solutions. Computer Factory also documented each and every change for traceability followed by analysis of the situation in all the possible ways and introducing immediate solution and support as well. With all that heavy lifting done, Nordex has all things settled, with smooth operations. Since internet connectivity was the major drawback, with the help of computer factory IT support, Nordex is experiencing high speed connectivity. The approach taken by Computer Factory is of positioning as one-stop shop for a multinational coming into India. This single window for all problems provided a lot of comfort to Nordex with their transitioning.

Nordex's Experience
"We are supported by 4 engineers designated specially by Computer Factory India to be constantly available. We were given end-to-end assistance in this project by Computer Factory India in meeting our objectives to migrate from a client server environment to a cloud based system", says Manoj, Project Representative from Nordex.