Speedgatz: A Go-To Name For Effective Security And Convenient Vehicle Access

Saumitra Shekhar,DirectorThe growing population, increasing number of automobiles and the rising traffic has led to a crunch in parking spaces. In today's time when almost everything is available at one click, not being able to find a parking spot for your vehicle can be very bothering. Coming to their rescue is Speedgatz, a specialized company in the field of entrance automation as it takes pride in offering state-of-the-art products, solutions & services to address the customers' most demanding vehicular and pedestrian access control needs.

"Access Automation industry is more of a service oriented industry now a days and every client is concerned about the timely servicing of the products which are being supplied to them. Most of the companies in this field are lagging behind due to non attendance of the complaints raised by the customers in a given time frame.

We at Speedgatz focus more on delivering timely services, doing preventive maintenance of the system in every three months so as to reduce any kind of wear & tear of the system and ensuring the products are in running condition for years to come. This has given our clients a big confidence in our brand and placing repeated orders", riefs SaumitraShekhar, Director, Speedgatz India.

Speedgatz began its journey with importing and introducing the highly advanced automation systems from U.K. & Sweden and in less than a year, the firm started manufacturing products in India using the international technical expertise and guidelines. This helped the customers in getting very competitive pricing and support.

"Manufacturing in our own country reduced a lot of unnecessary overheads, duties and more, which gave an edge to offer the best of products and solutions at a very competitive price. The skill, technology and international expertise of Speedgatz have proved in the market that the products and solutions provided by us are unmatched. We believe in competing with ourselves. The new product development and upgradation of existing products without changing it have always been the key focus area for us", speaks Saumitra.

Blending Ideas With Technology To Bridge Gaps
Set up with the vision to make everyone's premises safe & secure by delivering an economically viable high quality Security & Access control solutions, the products installed by Speedgatz are of high technical standards and have long service life besides complementing the aesthetics of the surroundings. The firm is using the best of its knowledge and ability in the field of security to tailor their services in order to meet the unique requirements of its customers as it offers the best support and advice on the right products for them.
A leader in access management products and parking solutions for residential, commercial & industrial use, Speedgatz thrives on its customer centric approach. Sharing further, SaumitraShekhar says, "At Speedgatz, we don't find customers for our products, instead, we find products for our customers. We not only deliver a product, but at Speedgatz, our focus is on delivering high quality experience to our consumers. For smart cities, we have specifically designed products that can fit in as per the specific needs of the customers.

The highly advanced technology products developed by our expert R & D team also ensure the possibility of enormous third party integration. Our offerings to various smart cities comprise Advanced Automatic Barriers, Crash Rated Bollards, Tyre Killers, Flap Barriers, Turnstiles, Metal detectors, Parking Solutions & many more. Advancement of Existing Automation products is the need of the hour and that's what our tagline goes by ­ Accelerating the world of Automation", says Saumitra.

Today, Speedgatz is equipped with all the necessary up to date technologies which can leave a positive impact in the minds of its customers. The firm has developed a software specifically for tracking the timely service requirements of the products installed throughout India. The advanced software has reduced work load from the operations team and the service engineers are being directed automatically for the periodic maintenances of the products. Also, it generates a message when the warranty is over so that the team can reach client and ask their willingness to go for comprehensive AMC'S.

Marching Ahead With Consumer Centric Plans
Speedgatz very well understands that `Necessity is the mother of Invention' and this has been proven well for the firm. The R&D team at Speedgatz has been constantly working towards the modification and upgradation of the existing systems, and this is yet to be announced by the firm in the coming times. Understanding the different requirements of every client and delivering the same after customization in the existing product line is a what has given Speedgatz the required edge over its competitors, and a lot of its credit goes to the skilled team of professionals at the firm.

The skill, technology and international expertise of Speedgatz have proved in the market that the products and solutions provided by us are unmatched

Backed by a team of experts and engineers, the firm has successfully gained a lot of appreciations from clients all over India, especially for their high quality products and timely services. Today, the firm is leaving no gaps when it comes to addressing the challenges and requirements of the clients across India. "We are delivering to almost all the parts of the country and even to nearby countries. We are very thankful to our wonderful authorized partners which helped Speedgatz to reach every nook and corner and that too with in a very short time frame. Today, our products and services are being used by Various Government bodies & Private Organizations. Some of the major clients served by us include DRDO, RBI, CM Residence ­Lucknow, NPCI, Ministry of Commerce, Pernod Ricard, Ansal, FWS, ICICI Datacentre, UTCL, HPCL and many more", mentions Saumitra.

"Speedgatz is equipped with all the necessary up to date technologies which can leave a positive impact in the minds of its customers"

In the years to come, Speedgatz is looking forward to expanding its direct operations across many countries by delivering an economically viable high-quality Security & Access control solution. Apart from that, the firm is also looking forward to launching a very unique distribution model which will be a mutual beneficial association for Speedgatz and its authorized partners.

"We believe in `If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old'. Value addition to the existing automation system and seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought is the future innovative goal of our company. In coming times, advanced integrated solutions-based approach will definitely bring customer delight whether they are at home, around home or outside home. We are also looking forward to continuous transformation of an idea into practicality and developing new products with uniqueness in the field of Vehicular Access, Pedestrian Access & Parking Solutions", concludes SaumitraShekhar.