EDS India: Carving A Niche With Groundbreaking Services In The Electronics Design Services Sector

Santanu Roy, CEO & Managing Director

Santanu Roy

CEO & Managing Director

The worldwide electronic design services market was estimated at $12.5 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to grow by 8 percent year over year to reach $13.5 billion in 2022. The scale of the international market for electronic design is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 9.1 percent from 2022 to 2030. The corona pandemic had a small negative effect on the market since it hindered the supply of gear as logistical operations ceased. When it comes to designing electric circuits, Electronic Design services help cut time and expense. Additionally, the programme aids in the eradication of possible errors, which benefits business expansion. Future growth opportunities are also being created by tech embedding into the current solutions, such as AI techniques to lower design costs. The electronic design and manufacture (EDM) industry in India is one of the country’s fastest-growing areas, which is also experiencing massive development on a global scale. Because of its high potential for utilization and steady expansion, the EDM market in India is very well recognized on a global scale.

By 2025, the Indian government expects to generate $1 trillion in economic benefit from the digital economy, and the Electronics Design & Manufacturing (EDM) industry is essential to this effort. With a slew of government programmes aimed at boosting domestic production, India already has started to see some activity with expanded manufacturing and assembly activity spanning items like electric vehicles, amongst others. Established in 2015, EDS India has been a leading organization driving the change and renovation that this industry is witnessing. Since the establishment of its operations, EDS-India has engaged in each and every segment of electronic design services. Knowledge of communication systems, power electronics, embedded electronics, Internet of Things (IoT), and digital and analogue designs, among other things form the core areas of expertise for this firm.

Mission, Vision, & Core Values
To keep the company on its path of providing quality services across verticals, EDS India has established firm Mission and Vision statements which help the organization in aligning its endeavors to achieve its ultimate goals. Its core values keep the firm grounded and do not let it waver from what it stands for. Adhering to these values ensures that the client is always kept at the top of all that the firm does. “Our Mission is to provide robust technology solutions to our valued customers and secure the best position in the eyes of our customers and employees. Our Vision is to be a single source solution provider enabling our customers to rise the ladder of success. Through our Core Values, we strongly believe that our success lies in the growth of our employees, as elucidated by our mission statement. Our team is highly motivated with the growing achievements of the organization, and thus each member finds their best version every day”, states Naveen Dagar, Project Manager.

A Portfolio of Excellent Services
In India, Electronics Design and Electronics designers are quite rare, and a rather untapped field of career. Not many people are aware of this sector or what it encompasses. Thus, there is a lot of potential for growth in this segment, which EDS India is taking advantage of to provide distinguishable services. After working tirelessly in the field for seven years, the firm has finally established itself as one of the prominent electronics designing services providers in the country. This achievement is prominent from the firm’s achievement of national recognition as one of the top 10 most promising Electronic Design Service Provider Companies by Silicon India (May 2018), ELE Times(June 2019), CIO Review (Dec 2019), Silicon India (June 2021).

Through its brilliant services in the Electronic designs industry, EDS India has been able to bag some of the most prominent clients

Through its brilliant services in the Electronic designs industry, EDS India has been able to bag some of the most prominent clients including Indian Railways, GMR, Havells, Nippon, Bajaj, Luminous, and many more. With a strong team of highly qualified and dedicated engineers, EDS India has been able to make its services stand out among the crowd. The sheer quality of services in addition to the innovation of new ideas to serve various industries involved in electronic products manufacturing and use are some of the key reasons that have helped EDS India carve a distinctive identity for itself in the industry. “With the world moving towards electric vehicles, a lot of opportunities for electronic engineers and electronic designs are coming up. EV’s are one of the most promising businesses which are going to bloom in the next 5 to 10 years. In fact, many European countries have already announced their decision to stop manufacturing combustion engine vehicles by 2025. This is expected to further boost EV manufacturing, thereby opening up many more opportunities for the development of the Electronics designing services industry”, mentions Santanu Roy, CEO & MD.

The Indian government’s many initiatives to encourage the Make in India movement has also acted as a push for the electronics design services industry. A number of helpful policies, and incentives have been introduced to encourage the making of electronic devices, and parts thereof in India. The electronics design industry, being a direct benefactor from these policies and incentives has found even more opportunities for growth. Some PLI (Production Linked Incentives), and GST breaks are some of the numerous benefits which are driving the growth of the domestic EDC industry. Clients who are including between 51 percent to 70 percent of domestically manufactured parts into their electronics are also receiving these benefits. Thus, those who used to import parts and products from China, Malaysia, and Taiwan are also shifting their attention to Indian manufacturers. Getting more demand from the industry is thus acting in favor of the Electronics design industry in India.

EDS India offers complete electronic design services which includes architecture design, hardware design, software design, product design, system design, certification as well as Gap Analysis. “If you are coming to EDS India with the concept, we can help you design the architecture, the back of the PCB, populate the PCB, give you a bigger sample, form the paperwork to complete and product certification”, adds Vijay Kumar, Senior Manager. The firm has also been working tirelessly to ensure that every new technique and technology is leveraged in the best manner possible at every stage of the project. EDS India is also among the few firms that utilize Artificial Intelligence which is now overtaking every single sector, and is in fact a crucial part of the electronic designing segment. By constantly upgrading its technical prowess, the firm ensures that clients receive regular upgrades which help in keeping the products relevant for longer.

Future Roadmap
Having established its excellence in the field, and particularly its areas of expertise, EDS India has a plan to become a single point supplier for the electronic designing services industry in India. The organization seeks to establish its reliability and dependability over and above its competitors. With a strong multidimensional team, the firm has the capacity to build better PCB experience in power electronics, where its competitors fail. While most design houses struggle with their end products which often fail to function correctly, EDS India has gained mastery over its products and services, and continues to improve upon them with the advancing technology. Continuing this, the firm aspires to become the single point supplier of these services across India before it expands internationally.