Fabulous Media: Profound Excellence in The Digital Frontier

Nikhil Sharma,Founder & MD

Nikhil Sharma

Founder & MD

Today, across the globe, many firms are becoming more intertwined and working toward more sustainable marketing and promotion methods. Companies, businesses, and individuals have all grasped the significance of it in the current situation. They're leveraging these abilities to improve their market connection, raise their online reputation and presence, and remain ahead of the competition. At one point online marketing was just a new and different way to market. It opened up a new form of media on which to peddle goods and services. But within just the past few years, the importance of digital marketing has become something else.It’s become an integral part of what a business is to its customers. As the Internet becomes entwined with everything we do, the importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear. Significantly Nikhil Sharma, an entrepreneur with a belief to build upon a world class, people centric enterprise in India started his quest towards this direction on 4th July 2008 by founding Fabulous Media.

Fabulous Media is one of the most reputed digital marketing firms that have evolved as a Growth Agency with a digital specialization for the last 13+ years. Over the years, the firm has worked across 31 nations with more than 800 clients including big brands of repute. However, for the last 4-5 years the firm is laying its emphasis on SMEs and Startups of India in increasing their turnover by 3x to 4x in a single year. Fabulous Media places a high premium on assisting SMEs and startups, believing that there are several resources available to assist large corporations in expanding.

The firm is driven with the vision to help India's small and medium-sized enterprises find their online presence by providing them with all of the digital tools and technology they need to get started, expand sustainably, and be a part of their success narrative. “I have always been passionate about Digital as a medium, it being the only medium in 500 years of human history to evolve at such a fast rate just in a span of a couple of decades” signifies Nikhil Sharma.

Nikhil Sharma is a growth architect wherein his forte lies in devising solutions to problems. His role is majorly aligned to craft processes and executing campaigns to drive ROI for clients with sustainable growth amidst hyper competition. “My leadership mantra is inherited from the Japanese principle of Kaizen i.e. activities that continuously improve all functions and involve all employees. Following the same principle day in and day out, I work towards improving the process and people which translates into fabulous results. That is why we have implemented centers of Excellence for Each Digital Marketing Vertical in our organization. This is our secret sauce to the results that we are able to deliver. My leadership style culminates from empowerment, along with continuous experiential learning imbibed in the ethos of Team Fabulous. With a judicious mix of open door policy and management by objectives we maintain a democratic fabric and an amazing culture," signifies Nikhil Sharma.

Significantly, one of the key driving factors behind Fabulous Media is the Director of the firm,Usha Sharma, who ensures not just limiting their delivery to the scope of work but tangible growth for their clients. Next in line implementing a financial acumen to the Advertising campaigns on various digital platforms. "My job is keeping things running smoothly and providing our clients with top-notch results. We've nurtured a process of active research to get the most out of every penny we spend for our clients. I'm a numbers person, and it's my responsibility to make sure we're bringing value to our clients' businesses. My leadership style is to put my team first, then our clients, because if my team is happy, we can easily handle client problems and work toward client results. It's a simple mantra: keep people happy. We've developed a concept called the People Happiness Index, in which we track all of our
team members' and clients' actions and processes to ensure that there is a balance between scope, results, and our employees' work life balance. Our application procedure is also geared to ensure that Team Fabulous is the gold standard for anyone looking to join a group of achievers and trail blazers.Our career site specifies the types of people who would be interested in joining Team Fabulous, and as a result, we have a very low attrition rate” signifies Usha Sharma.

Solutions That Are Cutting-Edge Across All Mediums
Fabulous Media provides end-to-end solutions pertaining to evolving Digital Needs of clients including Digital Marketing, Branding, Websites & Applications Development, E-Commerce, Branding, and Design. When it comes to website and application development, the goal isn't only to offer a company an online presence it's also to make that presence seem good while still being functional. Fabulous Media creates and implements information architecture, layout, color, user interface, navigation ergonomics, typefaces, and graphics, as well as icon design, for apps and websites. It strives to provide an accurate reflection of its client's concept. In the realm of Digital Marketing, the firm provides holistic solutions to the digital marketing needs of the clients regardless of which vertical of online marketing they are in. It makes certain that its digital efforts give value to a client's business in terms that matter. The firm carefully examines clients' needs to determine a judicious mix of digital verticals to be harnessed. Its motto is "Increase turnovers not just followers"

With the aim to become india's first growth agency, fabulous media's projections are crystal clear and its team has committed themselves to work to their full potential to become t he no.1 digital marketing company in india

Running an e-commerce store necessitates the use of a qualified and experienced workforce. With the support of its experienced team, Fabulous Media has sufficed the needs of various e-commerce projects. The firm has deployed its own eCommerce platform in 2014 that caters to the needs of any organization that intends to do business online. Further, in the field of Branding and Design, the team focuses on functionality to the extent that it is possible to assist businesses in a way that allows brands to compete in the market. Fabulous Media is an expert in brand development wherein its portfolio speaks for itself. The clients are benefitted in every manner whether talking about the conversions, traffic, brand image, or whatever the end goal is. 'A design that speaks for itself is its end Goal and the approach consists of the latest trends, designs and technologies. Fabulous Media creates and implements ROI-driven digital campaigns using the most cutting-edge strategies to convert the best of the target demographic.

Ascending To The Position Of India’s No. 1 Digital Marketing Agency
Over the years, the firm has carved a niche for itself with a solid track record of customer satisfaction. Till date, the firm has served more than 800 clients across 31 countries globally. Nikhil Sharma adds “Pseudo-intellectuals and self-proclaimed Digital Gurus have tainted the field of digital marketing.For them a project is simply a statement of tasks that must be completed” Fabulous Media wants to break the chains by using a No-Nonsense Approach to Client Goals and a never ending drive to implement principles while avoiding the pitfalls of fancy jargon and acronyms. Fabulous Media keeps it simple by keeping its key pillars forward i.e. Thinking and Creating, Proper Audience Right Serving, Research & Audit.

Fabulous MedIa is a completely bootstrapped company, independent and cutting-edge. Since its inception, the firm has grown multifold, from a single founder to 50+ employees across 3 + locations and revenue growth from a Million to 50 Million INR is what it had from services excluding SAAS operations while experimenting and pondering over what identity it wishes to have and what its core proposition it would like to extend. Now that it has zeroed on a single metric i.e. Growth, Fabulous Media has positioned itself as India's first growth agency since 2015 and streamlining its delivery to execution centres based in Gurugram, Pune & Jaipur while Business Development offices in Mumbai, Dubai and London, it aims to reach 500 Million INR by 2025. 5 plus startups supported by Growth Platform GoCommercially by Fabulous Media are valued north of 100 cr, with one of them exceeding 400 cr within just 1.5 years.

Further, as the firm forges ahead to reaching new heights, Fabulous Media is keenly looking forward to bolstering “India's first Growth Agency” positioning via. The firm is working religiously on achieving the growth goals of its clients and team. By providing the right solutions and achieving the goals for businesses and helping them in becoming a leader in their niche, the firm is right on target to become what it aspires to. And for this purpose, the firm has also developed India's First Growth Platform. Nikhil Sharma concludes with a message “Don't fear technology as it is omnipresent and indispensable to remain relevant, we can help you understand and harness technology as a tool, not as a novelty. Don't believe that fragmented efforts and marketing will work anymore, rather it will just waste money more and more. Need of the hour is to have integrated branding, marketing and technological approach.”