EBEN Telecom: One Stop Destination For BPO Services

Sam Thomas , Founder, Chairman & CEO

Sam Thomas

Founder, Chairman & CEO

Companies outsource their business process for labour arbitrage, i.e., to save cost, cut back on resources, make room for growth, and remain at the top of the industry ranks. That being said, businesses often struggle to find the right service provider who can offer quality services from the pool of options available in the market. This is precisely where Eben Telecom comes into the picture.

Established in 1995, Eben Telecom is a company incorporated with a clear concept of Customer Retention Management located in Cochin, Kerala. They are a Customer Engagement Services company that assists brands with Customer Acquisition, Customer Transaction building, and Customer Relationship Management. They are the pioneers of Call Centre businesses in Kerala offering Inbound & Outbound Call Centre services (Voice & Back Office), back-end support, and Customer Service for domestic as well as international Clients.

In addition to this, they provide mission control service support, SMS push notifications service, Quality Management Services, and Network Operating Centre support(Realtime service monitoring and trouble shooting for Call Centres) along with other services like Whatsapp Marketing, Web Development and Technology services customized as per Client requirement. "Our mission is to provide all BPO services under one umbrella to our Clients. That's the beauty of our Company”, says Sam Thomas, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Eben Telecom. They serve a vast client base from the Telecom, Banking, Automobile, Education, and Healthcare sectors.

USP of the Company
An interesting fact about Eben Telecom is that over a period of time, the Company was able to understand the scope of technology in the BPO sector and for that reason, they formed a subsidiary technology company
called Eben Technologies. As a result, they were able to implement automation in the workflow where all Client reports are generated through automation thereby making operations a lot more effortless and have reduced the amount of human intervention. The company has also developed its own CRM customized to Client requirements which has made the customer life cycle easier and uncomplicated.

To Keep Up With The Quality Parameters, The Company Has Its Own Qms I.E., Quality Team That Caters To Quality Audits Not Just For Eben Agents/ Consultants But Also For Client Agents/Consultants

One of the key factors behind the success of Eben Telecom is undoubtedly their vast experience & professionalism in the services they provide. To keep up with the quality parameters, the company has its own QMS i.e., Quality Team that caters to quality audits not just for Eben agents/ consultants but also for Client agents/ consultants. These audits help Eben Team to ensure seamless service levels without compromising their signature quality. The in-house team comes up with multiple quality control schemes and reports in terms of root cause analysis to ensure uncompromised efficiency in services. According to Thomas, their Quality Management System has always been their strongest point.

Eben Telecom always makes sure to address their client’s pain points in the most effective way. For instance, when approached by clients with challenges like high call abandons and AHT (Average Handle Time), the Operations Team steadfastly came up with projects which resulted in decreasing the rates of call abandons and AHT. Besides, the CRM, the call-back system, and survey call services all add up to the success the company enjoys today.

Apart from this, headquartered in Kerala, the Company resides in a press building which keeps them immune from all the outer issues like political riots, nationwide protests, or even at times from natural calamities hindering their daily workflow. Business Continuity has always been Eben’s strong suit.

Furthermore, Thomas shares the roadmap of Eben where they will be acquiring or investing in promising startup companies to expand their presence. Also, he shares plans for the Technology arm of the Company where they are dedicated to R&D and other aspects in order to develop their technology for future growth.