Zecomy by Eco eMarket: Revolutionizing The Waste Management System

Since the late 1990s, India has experienced significant industrialization, economic prosperity, and population growth. With the rising economy and rapid urbanization, the amount of municipal, industrial, and e-waste generated has dramatically increased. India confronts significant environmental issues as a result of waste generation and inadequate waste collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal. Current waste management systems in India are incapable of dealing with the volumes of waste generated by an expanding urban population, which has a negative impact on the environment and public health. India, being one of the most populated countries in the world and globally positioned third in generating ewaste, is the source of a humongous amount of waste per annum, be it municipal solid waste, hazardous waste, biomedical waste, or other scraps. The transition from trash to resource can only be accomplished through appropriate Waste Management and through digital intervention, which requires a PAN India accessibility, coordinated set of measures to maximize recovery of reusable/ recyclable materials.

Significantly, Digital waste platforms are an emerging concept that has gained immense popularity in recent times. The key reason for its growing popularity is its push toward a fully circular economy, which aids in resource and energy conservation. With a rise in waste generation, the necessity for such a platform has become more criticalthan ever. ZECOMY, established in 2017, is one of the fastest flourishing smart and innovative cloud-based B2B platform to address current waste management challenges, wherein it brings both sellers and recyclers on the same platform through digital linkages. The firm is a full-fledged digital aggregator that ensures waste disposal seamlessly anywhere, anytime with transparency and fair commercials with a focus on compliance and ESG reporting. "Our entire value chain of the workflow is automated in accordance with Central Pollution Control Board and MOEF standards, ensuring zero compliance breaches and trust in predictability and sustainability while circularity is a key focus" signifies Pejavar Sarvotham, Founder & CEO.

Eco-Efficient Digital Aggregator
Wastes are potential resources, and proper waste management in conjunction with resource extraction is critical. Value extraction from waste can be materials, energy or nutrients, and this can provide a livelihood for many people. A digital transformation may offer solutions to solve as well will make us better equipped to mitigate such problems. ZECOMY is one of India's first dedicated online digital aggregator platforms, addressing waste management issues holistically. ZECOMY is a completely cloud hosted platform integrated with SaaS-based technology that assists in giving clients a real time database of all activities from pricing discovery, waste disposal, document management, to sustainability reporting. It plays a critical role in enabling the interchange of wasted items or recyclable fractions between enterprises in a value creation network to enable reuse, remanufacturing, recycling, or proper waste treatment.

Zecomy (brand of eco emarket) is one of india's first dedicated online digital aggregator platform, addressing waste management issues holistically

"We are deeply committed to attaining Waste Free Country and Zero Waste Land-Fill using a smart digital platform that integrates Pollution Control Board waste management policies and the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals," signifies Meenakshi Chidambaram, Co-Founder at ZECOMY.

Clean Future Ahead
Over the last four years, the firm has evolved to dispose of any type of waste to ensure that it brings transparency as well as circularity through the platform. Till date, the firm has catered over 75 clients many of them being fortune 500 companies across 19 industrial verticals from BPO, healthcare, renewable energy, hospitality, manufacturing, textile to name a few. Currently, enabled pickup through its buyer partners in 155 cities spread across 24 states ranging from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and Surat to Assam in both tier-I & tier-II. The firm has completed more than 1000 disposal and cleared more than 8000 metric tons of waste diverting from land fill.

And as it forges ahead to reaching new heights, it aspires to be one of the contributors to Circular Economy, be the data repository at the national level and improve the livelihood by bringing a lot of informal sector into formal, and unorganized to organized through the platform by training, spreading awareness and supporting them to build many of these waste disposal recycling plants. "We are driven with the vision to bring about a positive transformation in the waste management ecosystem of our country while providing a transparent mechanism to measure sustainability and ESG parameters," concludes Devarayan Chidambaram, Co-Founder & Director at ZECOMY.