Neukelp: Makers Of India's Smallest AI-Powered Body Posture Correcting Device

Back pain caused by sitting at a desk all day is a less discussed topic, but it is a serious problem plaguing the global workforce. And, if ignored or untreated, it can lead to serious long term posture problems. Back pain occurs when people become so engrossed in their work that they slouch or hunch forward, completely forgetting to maintain good body posture.

If you are suffering from a similar predicament then Neukelp has the solution: an AI-powered next-generation smart device that assists users in maintaining their ideal body posture. The device reminds the users through gentle vibration feedback that lets them know that they are not in a correct posture. Neukelp's body posture device is wirelessly connected to the Neukelp mobile app, which includes real time tracking, intelligent reporting, and posture training. The
device transfers all user data to the Neukelp mobile app, where users can view their posture improvement progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Users can improve their back health with Neukelp in the palm of their hands.

While most posture correcting belts and devices on the market are cumbersome to use due to their bulky nature, Neukelp's posture monitoring device is the smallest and most elegant product available in the Indian market at a very affordable rate, allowing users to fix their back problems on-the-go.

The journey from Idea to Actualization
After graduating from IIT Bhubaneswar, Neukelp's Founder Saurabh Agrawal was working in his corporate job when he noticed a colleague suffering from severe back pain and wearing a large belt around his waist. Saurabh, who suffered from back pain, began conducting extensive research on the internet but was unable to spot a product that was easy to use because most of the devices available were bulky and uncomfortable.

Through Neukelp, Users Can Improve The Health Of Their Back At The Palm Of Their Hands

This inspired Saurabh to partner up with his fellow IIT batchmates, Swaraj Jena, Lokesh Xess, and Monsoon Dibragede to design a lightweight and easy-to-use posture monitoring device from the ground up. The team applied their extensive knowledge of technology, marketing and operations gained at IIT and e-commerce companies to create Neukelp's one-of-a-kind AI-powered posture monitoring device. Finally, with the help of grants from the Government of

India and the Department of Science and Technology, as well as Startup Odisha, the team was able to develop the product and launch it with overwhelming success. Several customers recommend Neukelp's tech. "A quintessential product for office goers( even if you are working from home) to correct and improve one's posture. Highly recommended!" said Paras Agarwal, HDFC Bank. Vishal Chandak from Amazon said, "Amazing product! Really helpful to maintain the right posture when working from home where we don't have a proper office ergonomic setup."

Looking to build a Complete Ecosystem Around Posture
During a recent conversation with the Editorial Team, Saurabh revealed that Neukelp plans to develop an entire line of products centred on body posture in the future. Neukelp is progressing as a company toward providing everything related to body posture under one roof, which extends beyond the development of smart posture correcting devices. Neukelp intends to expand its online platform, allowing users to have online consultation sessions with Physio therapists. The ultimate goal of the company is to help everyone achieve good body posture. "We want to build a complete solution around body posture," concludes Saurabh Agrawal.