Why it's Best to Buy from a Reseller

Cloud adoption is increasing at exponential rate. Large enterprise or small-medium business, Indian businesses are adopting Google G Suite Cloud business solution to boost collaboration & communication, increase employee productivity, and provide seamless digital transformation. Migrating to G Suite with a Google Partner comes with many benefits such as free migration, third-party platform integrations, seamless deployment, on-site product training, and 24/7 support from Google Cloud certified professionals.

Choosing the right fit for your G suite deployments will still need an expert to do the heavy lifting, especially if your's is an SME. A reseller can offer professional and local support.

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing G Suite through a re-seller is access to professional and personal support during migration. By using a reseller, you can also put away the entire job and have the reseller handle the shift for you. This is especially useful for small businesses with smaller IT departments. Migration requires resources, careful planning and that is time not all businesses have. A G Suite reseller can contribute experience with the process, relieving stress and workload on the internal IT staff. This will also provide the best conditions for success.

Local resellers have the ability to provide a level of support Google does not have the capacity for. On-site direct support that can help you migrate users, teach corporate employees how the new platform works, and provide ongoing support and training can be critical to a successful outcome. This will also prevent the company from making mistakes that could have been avoided. Small businesses can benefit greatly from the simple set up of G Suite, but may not have a sufficiently large IT department available to plan and execute the software package change without disrupting the day-to-day operations of the business. A G Suite reseller with experience in migrating companies can make the shift with little disruption to normal business practices.