The Urban Workhourses

From the first ever steam-powered passenger elevator to today's solar powered elevators, elevators have an incredible history of growth and performance. But indeed the performance depends on the maintenance of the lifts/elevators. With thousands of lifts/elevators to choose from, we many-a-times get jumbled up between the choices and alas, make the bad choice. Hence a partner who can guide us from the beginning to even take care of the annual maintenance of the lifts are the need of the hour. Just like our vehicles, the lifts too need periodic maintenance, perfect installation and the one that can save energy while being pocket-friendly.

The new-age lifts have been playing an important role in making cities smart and with the infusion of latest technologies like AI and IoT in our lifts & elevators, the future seems more interesting and amazing. These have changed lifts & elevators beyond their conventional and mechanical function of carrying people up and down. These technologies have made them more smarter, intelligent, connected to the cloud and more. On the other hand, with carbon fiber ropes to hoist, we are moving towards more eco-friendly and durable elevators than its predecessors.

In our current edition of siliconindia Magazine's `10 Most Promising Lift & Elevator Solution Providers ­ 2020', we bring to you some such advanced lift & elevator solution providers who thrive in offering the most latest and the best of the solutions to the clients. Of course, customized solutions are the need of the hour and so they too provide solutions that fit every requirement of the client, including their budget. Read to know more about them.

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