The Ultimate Networking Medium

The ubiquitous wi-fi is a crucial networking technology today for connectivity worldwide, supporting home networking, public internet connectivity, the internet of things and much more. Existing since more than two decades ago this vast wi-fi technology term is profusely performing through the use IEEE 802.11 communications standards to create local area networks or LANs. Furthermore, earlier where the technology used the 2.4 GHz frequency, today it has expanded to 5 GHz, 60 GHz, and 6 GHz frequency bands.

Well, owing wi-fi’s expansive reach even the world is now witnessing the rise in digital connectivity, services and application software. Precisely, digital connectivity is a sine qua non for everything in today’s time, and India is paving way for it significantly emphasizing its Digital India programme. Even it has contributed to the explosive increase in the use of cellphones & smart devices. As per study, India’s per capita data consumption is a whopping 19.5 GB per month and the total data volume transported by mobile networks of India surpasses that of the US and China collectively as well. However, with this growth, the gap between demand and affordable supply remains wide, especially for poor households and rural India.

To mitigate this where creation of inter-operable public wi-fi hotspots was an idea proposed by the Telecom Regulator of India (TRAI) in 2017, the hot news today is the ‘internet from a sachet’. This implies Wi-fi hotspot pouches will be distributed through Prime Minister Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (PM-WANI). This scheme is as an attempt by the central government to elevate wireless internet connectivity in the country. PM WANI is poised to become a unique digital public infrastructure and boost networking ahead. Also, moving from Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6E, a major shift is expected to be coming with the upcoming adaptation to wi-fi 7 in the future.

Growing and adapting to the evolutions in connectivity ahead there are many Wi-Fi Solutions providers equipping for geographies needs across India at present. We have brought to you an revering list of some of the leaders to provide for your networking needs.

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