The Combination So Fine- Technology & Mind

India's startup economy has been booming. The last decade has seen significant activity on multiple fronts including the founding of new startups, amount of funding and number of investment rounds, influx of global investors and startups, development of regulatory infrastructure, global mergers and acquisitions, and internationalization. Entrepreneurial success stories abound. The latest wave in India has two defining characteristics - B2B models and deep-tech, IP-driven innovation. Over the last two decades, India has evolved from being the IT, services and business process outsourcing hub of the world to being a significant R&D center for multinationals and many Silicon Valley startups.

Technologies like 3D printing have become an industry in its own capacity. The additive manufacturing process is a augmentation of the perks of 3D printing. Additive manufacturing, the process of building 3D objects by adding layer upon layer of material, is certainly here to stay. According to a recent article by Advanced Manufacturing, "not long ago the total 3D printing industry revenue was about ($1 billion), and now many financial institutions five-year revenue forecasts predict the overall industry revenue to be over [$30 billion]." The Internet of Things (IoT), access to new technologies, software, materials, and growing expertise are some of the factors driving this growth. As a result, more and more companies are considering additive manufacturing as an option for their production needs. Many companies are now turning to the practice for prototyping. Others are utilizing the technology for full-scale production.

Even the creative designing service providers can now expand their wings to explore more domains and options to demonstrate their skillsets and expertise. There are few creative designing companies who indeed understand the need for scaling in terms of the technology portfolio. New age technologies are out there, waiting to be leveraged upon and create marvels. With the right technology and an out-of-the-box imaginative and creative thinking, one could build wonders.

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