Only Technology can protect your Privacy against Technology

Ubiquitous nature of Information technology has brought with itself a maze kind of a scenario in society. It has assumed a very significant position in our life. The zealous quest to get better in technology has impregnated various vices in the society. Criminal activities have got a new dimension and outlook with the advent of latest technology. Although one can argue that these fascinating technologies have bestowed comfort and luxury in our life, both personally and professionally, the repercussions of such an asset in our life have more threats than advantages. Sad but true.

When we talk of the word `cyber', it automatically takes us to the thought of internet, technology and virtual world. For a lawyer or a technician it brings within its nuances various other things as well. They include computer, networks, data storage, software, cell phones, ATMs, other peripherals. In a nut shell they include anything and everything which has its roots in technology or is somewhere related to the generic term `computer' and its offshoots. All these things are collectively and generically called `cyber space'.

The criminals are using these high end technologies to commit such crimes which are beyond the reach and understanding of a layman. India is a country with over 1.3 billion people but ranks poorly in terms of the ratio of police personnel to population. The ratio stands at 138 police officers for every lakh citizens. In light of such appalling statistics, the importance of digital forensics in India cannot be overstated.

This edition is demarcated by organizations that have gradually risen to the cause and realize the problem for what it is. These vendors not only offer the most optimum way to do damage control, but also take preventive measures to avoid situations that put you in a spot at the first place.
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