Not Just Beautiful Homes, But Offering Energy Efficient Solution

Our homes speak of us. The design, the materials, the color, the texture and the ambiance, all resonates us. While earlier the use of wood was to the maximum when building homes, with time, the use of UPVC have increased multi-fold. We can say that modern houses have modern technology solutions and UPVC is taking charge of making our house look more modernized. With umpteen benefits akin to low cost, low maintenance, better performance, aesthetically pleasing, durable, termite-free and several others, the demand is growing and hence the Indian UPVC window and door market is expected to reach $1810 million by the end of 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.84 percent.

Energy efficiency is another concern that UPVC windows and doors addresses. It's an excellent starting point to reduce global carbon emission. No wonder with the increasing number of homes, residential buildings, and office spaces now focus on energy efficiency and hence look for products & solutions that are energy efficient. With color and design options available, people can customize their doors and windows just like they want. However, quality product is paramount and what is also important is the product fitment with the project and the region climate.

Hence you need a partner who can help you offer you not just the designs, colors and varieties, but also help you in ensuring that what you pick is the best for your need. Helping you do so is siliconindia Magazine's `10 Most Promising UPVC Windows & Doors Providers ­ 2020'. Handpicked by our team of experts from the industry and our Editorial Board, we have brought to you their story that talks about their strength, their offerings, solutions, future plans and more. Read to know more about them.

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