MSSPs can Help Achieve Enterprise Goals

The evolution of Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud ­ SMAC as we know it is having a significant impact on IT within enterprises. Before we knew it, a staggering 20+ billion connected devices are in place today, which is about three times the size of the current world's population, enabling us to crave for a perfect synchronization with just about everything around us. You will need to decide if you are one of the early adopters of technologies that will drive your business just ahead of your com-petition, working with the newest and most advanced solutions and leaving your competition to play the catchup game.

However, such advancements brings along its own set of challenges for businesses handling sensitive data. Managed IT Services is not new to the apprehension. Managed Service Providers started becoming noticed in the 1990s through their significant growth and continued to change the way organizations monitor their systems, provide IT support for their employees, manage mobile devices, and the ever increasing need to secure their critical business information. Yet, the focus on Managed Security Services became a thing in re-cent years, and today, outsourced security services such as a Security Operations Centre (SOC) are becoming a viable and important consideration for the modern business.

While antisocial elements of the internet and data thieves step up their game, IT leaders need to meet these evolving threats head on or risk financial loss and damage to their reputation. One might argue antivirus and firewalls can save the day. But it's hardly a solution. Antivirus and basic firewalls are no longer enough, and IT leaders require the advanced security presence afforded by a SOC, Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) platform, and the added protection of a Unified Threat Management (UTM) device. This is where Managed Security Services fit in today.

In this edition, siliconindia has given the stage to the true saviours. Let's just say, these top 10 most promising managed security service providers can not just protect your business, but can also throw the profits to sky high. Read through to know more.
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