Manage Business With Managed Services

Not so long ago, the entire infrastructure of an organization was managed by the organization, in its premises itself. However, as new technologies came in, supporting multiplying business requirements, started to appear insufficient in terms of the need for accessibility and cost effectiveness. This model of self management was not really working out for businesses.

Enter the services model, and that marked the advent of the IT Infrastructure Management System. With this model of operation coming in, the last few years has changed the whole infrastructure backdrop drastically, offering the organizations a knack to leverage on off-premise resources working as a part of their team, thereby, reducing the costs and having improved resources working for them at the same time.

Gartner research reported, around 32% of a CIO's IT budget is spent on internal resources to monitor and manage the organization's infrastructure. This is rather an expensive bargain, given that the organization looses an opportunity to capitalize on various more technologies that can be pivotal to differentiate the growth and the service.

This theory, combined with the fact that IT was traditionally seen as a support rather than a differentiate department was focused entirely on cost reduction.

Over the past decade, the confidence of the organizations in the abilities of Remote Infrastructure Management services has developed steadily. According to IDC, a premier global market intelligence firm, investments in infrastructure management can have a huge impact on the revenue of an organization as more than 85% of the infrastructure components can be managed from remote locations. Needless to say, IT Infrastructure management services have evolved over the last three decades and today have reached a stage of momentous maturity. Today, IMS provides a wide range of offerings in a variety of business models. Take a look at this edition's entrants, who serve a comprehensive package of IMS services that can take care of your business' IT infra in entirety.

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