Making World Healthy

How well do we know our body and its nutritional needs? Despite being educated and aware of our nutritional requirements, we tend to ignore them for several reasons; lack of time being the major one. Now, this is something we all deal with. But then, we cannot ignore the body calling. Hence, we are turning towards food supplements. Adding to that is the changing food habits, less physical work and more desk jobs, which is pushing more people towards adopting food supplements. From body builders, patients to even growing kids, today, almost everyone has something available on the shelf for their specific need.

This is why it is projected that the Indian protein and herbal supplement market will grow over 18 percent from 2017-2023, and over 60 percent market will account for dietary supplements (as per But this growing market is indeed calling many players to establish their foot. But to be precise, in the name of food supplements, several malicious players are trying to grab a pie for themselves. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to pick the right and most trusted brands from the shelf.

To help people get out of such turmoil, we at siliconindia Healthcare bring to you `10 Most Promising Food Supplement Manufacturers & Providers ­ 2020'. Post months of research and due diligence, we shortlisted few and finalized even fewer to bring their story. Read to know more about them.

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